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"AuditSurf" for Alfresco

AuditSurf is a SURF app displaying repository usage info based on audit: users connected, number of created/read/updated documents displayed by hour/day/week/month, etc. and some monitoring info (requires JMX: memory used, content stores' disk size, lucene indexes disk size, etc.)

Building the module

Check out the project if you have not already done so

    git clone git://

Ant build scripts are provided to build an AMP file and a WAR file containing the custom files.

Build the entire project

Before building, ensure you have edited the file to set the path to your Alfresco SDK (pointing to the lib folder).
To build files, run the following command from the base project directory:

    ant dist-files

Build the alfresco module (AMP) only

To build the AMP file, run the following command from the 'module-alfresco' directory (if you have edited the file):

    ant dist-amp

Or directly:

    ant dist-amp -Dalfresco.sdk.lib.dir="PATH-TO-YOUR-ALFRESCO-SDK-LIB-DIRECTORY"

Build the AuditSurf webapp (WAR) only

To build WAR file, run the following command from the 'surf-application' directory (if you have edited the file):

    ant dist-war

Or directly:

    ant dist-war -Dalfresco.sdk.lib.dir="PATH-TO-YOUR-ALFRESCO-SDK-LIB-DIRECTORY"

Installing the module

  1. Stop Alfresco

  2. Use the Alfresco Module Management Tool to install the modules in your Alfresco WAR file:

     java -jar alfresco-mmt.jar install com.atolcd.alfresco.audit-vX.X.X.amp $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/alfresco.war -force
  3. Delete the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/alfresco/ and $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/share/ folders.
    Caution: please ensure you do not have unsaved custom files in the webapp folders before deleting.

  4. Copy the auditsurf.war WAR file into tomcat/webapps/

  5. Enabling auditing

  6. Start Alfresco

Configuring the module

This extension uses Alfresco audit mechanisms. So, you have to add a line to your file to enable audit :

  • audit.enabled=true on Alfresco 3.4 or higher version
  • audit.useNewConfig=true on Alfresco 3.3


  • AuditSurf is compatible with Alfresco V3.3 or 3.x higher version ; JMX obviously needs an Enterprise release

  • The AMP audits the following services:

    • FileFolderService
      • create
    • NodeService
      • createNode
    • CheckoutCheckinService
      • checkin
    • ContentService
      • getReader
    • AuthenticationService
      • authenticate
    • PersonService
      • createPerson
    • WorkflowService
      • startWorkflow

Using the module

Go to: http://server:port/auditsurf (AuditSurf is restricted to Alfresco administrators).


This extension is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL).
Created by: [Nicolas CHEVOBBE] (, Damien Deroussiaux, Matthieu Rollin, [Bertrand FOREST] ( and Nicolas Forgeot.

Our company

[Atol Conseils et Développements] ( is Alfresco [Gold Partner] (
Follow us on twitter [ @atolcd] (