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This program in Elm will search The 27 Amendments. Click to run.
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Handrawn Elm logo

Search bar for a web page

Run it

  • As you type in terms, the page searches.
  • If you click the button, whatever you typed is dynamically appended to the Constitution (bypassing that pesky 2/3 of the States approval thing).
  • No, it is not persistant to a database.

Milwaukee Code Camp

This project was my demo for Milwaukee Code Camp.


This is not a very long program but the Functional Programming was new to me. So was the MODEL - UPDATE - VIEW paradigm.

About Elm

Elm is a language for the front end that compiles to Javascript. Elm creates a smaller asset than other methods because it is compiled. Elm is 100% functional so it can run for years without throwing an exception.

A few resources:

If you want to compile this file:

If you want to witness the full glory of Elm, and make this compile from Elm into compiled Javascript:

  1. Make sure you have Node and NPM.
  2. install Elm on your machine:
    npm install -g elm (Longer installation documentation is here:
  3. clone this repository
    Then you might need to do
    elm init
    elm make page.elm
  4. You should get a file, page.html that you can double click to open in your browser. That's it.
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