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API written in Python calling PostGreSQL. This sports app takes player results and then, in the style of a Swiss Tournament, creates the next competition bracket.
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What's going on here

  • This is a program to keep track of players during a Swiss-style tournament.
  • This program was completed for the Udacity Relational Databases and Full Stack Fundamentals courses. It was written by Evan Genest.
  • The main thing to check out is my python code in the file swissTournament/ That Python code responds to the tests in the file.
  • Seven(!) views are generated by the program.
    I did that to maximize readability and ease of altering the details. If I had to release this for use, I would condense these into just two views.

General Usage Notes

  1. Requires installing (a) PostgreSQL and (b) psycops2 package for Python
  2. Start by running the sql setup: $psql tournament
  3. Then run: python This will call each of the functions in the module.

(This was developed in another repo, see the long history of my commits at )

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