A starter template for creating Atom UI themes.
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Atom UI Theme Template

This is a starter template for creating an Atom UI theme.

This template only includes the minimum of styling needed and comes with a neutral look. It could already be used as a real theme, but its purpose is to serve as a basis for creating your own theme. It is documented throughout and invites you to make changes to your liking. For some inspiration take a look at other Atom themes at atom.io/themes. Or you're always free to fork a theme that already comes close to your vision.

Happy theming! 🚀

Getting started

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Continue with step 2 from Creating a UI Theme

If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to create an issue.

ps. Don't forget to delete the above and edit the below in your own README.md.

My UI theme

A short description of your theme.

A screenshot of your theme