Having both "Exclude VCS Ignored Paths" and "Hide VCS Ignored Paths" settings is confusing #8276

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mehcode commented Aug 7, 2015


The Exclude VCS Ignored Paths setting under Core Settings commonly gets confused with the similar setting under the Tree View package, Hide VCS Ignored Paths. I believe the first is for excluding files from search and the latter is for the tree view itself.

For an idealized UI I'd vote for removing both settings and adding a new one that is a Select box where we can select to exclude (from search and tree view), exclude from search only, and show. It doesn't make sense (to me) to allow not showing in the tree view but showing up in search.

We could also just add some explanation text to both settings if the above is too radical a change.

// ref #8270

50Wliu commented Aug 7, 2015

Another option would be to rename the settings to Exclude VCS Ignored Paths From Search and Hide VCS Ignored Paths from Tree View, respectively. Of course, if either of the settings has a broader impact, then this won't work :P.

@50Wliu 50Wliu added the enhancement label Aug 7, 2015
surdu commented Sep 2, 2015

I'm here because I wanted to file a bug that Exclude VCS Ignored Paths is not honoured in TreeView, so yeah, it's confusing ๐Ÿ˜„


The check box would be more clear if it was:

  • "Hide .gitignore files"
surdu commented Jan 22, 2016

@tomByrer In your variant, I would believe that by checking the checkbox it will hide the .gitignore files themselves from the tree view, which is not the intended function.

hypnoboutique commented Jan 20, 2017 edited

I second this. Having both settings is confusing. Especially as you have to dig a bit to get to the tree-view settings.

The fact that I'm still unclear on the difference make me think that this is a UX issue (or I'm an idiot, which is also feasible).

p.s. For future sailors: pressing i in the tree view will toggle your ignored files. You might find this useful in diagnosing why they disappeared in the first place.

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