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  • Filling out the template is required. Any pull request that does not include enough information to be reviewed in a timely manner may be closed at the maintainers' discretion.
  • All new code requires tests to ensure against regressions

Description of the Change

  • language-c
    • Fixes an issue where lines were merged even if they weren't supposed to
    • Improves ternary expression highlighting
    • Minor code cleanup
  • language-java
    • Large rewrite to how new is matched and tokenized
    • Fixes static initialization blocks not being recognized
  • language-javascript
    • Ligature support for !!
    • Fixes highlighting for multiline imports
    • Unsurprisingly, more JSDoc improvements and fixes
  • language-ruby
    • Remove *.erb files from the recognized filetypes
  • language-sql
    • Add timestamptz as a recognized keyword
  • language-yaml
    • Add .yml.erb and .yaml.erb to the recognized filetypes

Alternate Designs


Why Should This Be In Core?



See above.

Possible Drawbacks

Possible regressions are always a possibility. Things to look out for this time include Java tokenization regressions (especially around lines containing new and static).

Applicable Issues


Coming up: more language-java and language-c bugfixes, as well as a giant overhaul of language-css.

50Wliu added some commits Dec 31, 2016
@50Wliu 50Wliu ⬆️ language-java@0.25.0 4a6eb1d
@50Wliu 50Wliu ⬆️ language-c@0.54.1 d3476d2
@50Wliu 50Wliu ⬆️ language-javascript@0.125.0 3818a1a
@50Wliu 50Wliu ⬆️ language-yaml@0.27.2 b6a6afa
@50Wliu 50Wliu ⬆️ language-ruby@0.70.4 7ae5008
@50Wliu 50Wliu ⬆️ language-sql@0.25.2
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