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Document text decorations #14790

merged 1 commit into from Jun 15, 2017
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Just for now

@@ -1787,8 +1787,13 @@ class TextEditor extends Model
# spanned by the `DisplayMarker`.
# * `line-number` Adds the given `class` to the line numbers overlapping
# the rows spanned by the `DisplayMarker`.
# * `highlight` Creates a `.highlight` div with the nested class with up
# to 3 nested regions that fill the area spanned by the `DisplayMarker`.
# * `text` Injects spans into all text overlapping the marked range,
# then adds the given `class` or `style` properties to these spans.
# Use this to manipulate the foreground color or styling of text in
# a given range.
# * `highlight` Creates an absolutely-positioned `.highlight` div
# containing nested divs to cover the marked region. For example, this
# is used to implement selections.
# * `overlay` Positions the view associated with the given item at the
# head or tail of the given `DisplayMarker`, depending on the `position`
# property.
@@ -1804,9 +1809,10 @@ class TextEditor extends Model
# or render artificial cursors that don't actually exist in the model
# by passing a marker that isn't actually associated with a cursor.
# * `class` This CSS class will be applied to the decorated line number,
# line, highlight, or overlay.
# line, text spans, highlight regions, cursors, or overlay.
# * `style` An {Object} containing CSS style properties to apply to the
# relevant DOM node. Currently this only works with a `type` of `cursor`.
# relevant DOM node. Currently this only works with a `type` of `cursor`
# or `text`.
# * `item` (optional) An {HTMLElement} or a model {Object} with a
# corresponding view registered. Only applicable to the `gutter`,
# `overlay` and `block` decoration types.