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@kevinsawicki kevinsawicki released this 13 Aug 17:00
· 21165 commits to master since this release

Major Changes

  • Atom's Chrome version has been upgraded from 31 to 36
  • Atom's Node version has been upgraded from 0.11.10 to 0.11.13
  • Fixed an issue on Windows where the source map URLs in JavaScript files would be incorrect.
  • Added apm publish --rename my-new-package-name to publish a package under a new name.
  • Added apm install --packages-file my-packages.txt to install all the packages listed in a text file.
  • ~~strike through~~ text in Markdown files is now tokenized and given the .strike CSS class.
  • Fixed an issue where YAML keys would not be colorized correctly when they contained certain valid characters.
  • Support for number pad keybindings have been removed. Number pad keys will now resolve to their equivalent keystroke as if they were pressed on the main keyboard area. You should remove the num- modifier from any keystrokes in your ~/.atom/keymap.cson file.
  • <script> tags in HTML files with a template type attribute are now colorized as HTML.