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@smashwilson smashwilson released this Apr 25, 2019

Notable Changes

  • atom/fuzzy-finder#381: Fix a stack trace when opening the git status fuzzy finder.
  • #19169: If any existing Atom window contains no project roots and --new-window is not specified, opened files and directories will be added to the most recently focused empty window.
  • #19169: When opening only file paths that do not belong to the open project roots of any existing window, add them to the most recently focused window.
  • #19169: When core.restorePreviousWindowsOnStart is set to "always", --new-window is specified, and one or more paths are opened, previous windows are no longer restored; --new-window always takes precedence.
  • #19169: When previous windows are restored at application launch, paths and arguments given on the command-line are no longer duplicated within each opened window.
  • #19169: When locating an existing window to open a new path within, existing windows are considered in the order in which they were most recently focused, not the order in which they were created. This is consistent with the way that --add finds its window and URLs are routed to windows.
  • #19169: When locating an existing window to open a new path within, --safe mode is respected - if --safe is provided, only a safe-mode window will be considered.
  • #19169: If --add is provided and the most recently focused window is a dev mode window, a previously focused non-dev mode window will be used if available instead of opening a new window.
  • #19169: If --add and --safe are both provided, the paths will only be added to an existing, most recently focused safe-mode window. If --safe is not provided, the paths will only be added to a non-safe-mode window.
  • #19200: Re-upgrade electron-link to correct a startup time performance regression.
  • #19203: "File -> Reopen Project" works correctly on macOS when no windows are open.
  • #19203: "File -> Reopen Project" from the application menu opens the chosen project folders.
  • #19203: Choosing application:reopen-project from the command palette opens chosen project folders in a new window when appropriate.
  • #19207: After opening Atom with a file path and quitting, re-opening Atom no longer displays an incorrect error stating that the file could not be found.
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