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Have you read Atom's Code of Conduct? By filing an Issue, you are expected to comply with it, including treating everyone with respect:
Do you want to ask a question? Are you looking for support? The Atom message board is the best place for getting support:
### Prerequisites
* [ ] Put an X between the brackets on this line if you have done all of the following:
* Reproduced the problem in Safe Mode:
* Followed all applicable steps in the debugging guide:
* Checked the FAQs on the message board for common solutions:
* Checked that your issue isn't already filed:✓&q=is%3Aissue+user%3Aatom
* Checked that there is not already an Atom package that provides the described functionality:
### Description
[Description of the issue]
### Steps to Reproduce
1. [First Step]
2. [Second Step]
3. [and so on...]
**Expected behavior:** [What you expect to happen]
**Actual behavior:** [What actually happens]
**Reproduces how often:** [What percentage of the time does it reproduce?]
### Versions
You can get this information from copy and pasting the output of `atom --version` and `apm --version` from the command line. Also, please include the OS and what version of the OS you're running.
### Additional Information
Any additional information, configuration or data that might be necessary to reproduce the issue.
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### Requirements
* Filling out the template is required. Any pull request that does not include enough information to be reviewed in a timely manner may be closed at the maintainers' discretion.
* All new code requires tests to ensure against regressions
### Description of the Change
We must be able to understand the design of your change from this description. If we can't get a good idea of what the code will be doing from the description here, the pull request may be closed at the maintainers' discretion. Keep in mind that the maintainer reviewing this PR may not be familiar with or have worked with the code here recently, so please walk us through the concepts.
## Alternate Designs
<!-- Explain what other alternates were considered and why the proposed version was selected -->
### Benefits
<!-- What benefits will be realized by the code change? -->
### Possible Drawbacks
<!-- What are the possible side-effects or negative impacts of the code change? -->
### Applicable Issues
<!-- Enter any applicable Issues here -->

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