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FlowX is a fork of Conversation ( We startet to changed a lot of UI Stuff and setup some useful features like integrated Audio Messages and so on.

Design principles

  • Be as beautiful and easy to use as possible without sacrificing security or privacy
  • Material Design like other cool clients like Whatsapp, Telegram etc.
  • Rely on existing, well established protocols (XMPP)
  • Do not require a Google Account or specifically Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
  • Require as few permissions as possible


  • End-to-end encryption with [OMEMO]
  • Emoji Support (Button)
  • Status Messages in contact details
  • Share/send your location,Audio Messages, Files, Images and so on.
  • Indication when your contact has read your message
  • Intuitive UI that follows Android Design guidelines
  • Pictures / Avatars for your Contacts
  • Syncs with desktop client (Carbon)
  • Conferences (MUC)
  • Very low impact on battery life

XMPP Features

FlowX works with every XMPP server out there. However XMPP is an extensible protocol. These extensions are standardized as well in so called XEP's. FlowX supports a couple of these to make the overall user experience better. There is a chance that your current XMPP server does not support these extensions; therefore to get the most out of FlowX you should consider either switching to an XMPP server that does or — even better — run your own XMPP server for you and your friends. These XEP's are:


Head of Development

Code Contributions

(In order of appearance)

How do I backup / move FlowX to a new device?

In settings under advances settings there is a option to backuo your current chat history. If you reinstall or delete FlowX, you could restore/import this history from your storage.


  • OMEMO works even when a contact is offline, and works with multiple devices. It also allows asynchronous file-transfer when the server has HTTP File Upload. However, OMEMO is not as widely supported as OTR and is currently implemented only by Conversation and Gajim. OMEMO should be preferred over OTR for contacts who use FlowX.

I get 'Incompatible Server'

As regular user you should be picking a different server. The server you selected is probably insecure and/or very old.

If you are a server administrator you should make sure that your server provides STARTTLS. XMPP over TLS (on a different port) is not sufficient.

On rare occasions this error message might also be caused by a server not providing a login (SASL) mechanism that FlowX is able to handle. FlowX supports SCRAM-SHA1, PLAIN, EXTERNAL (client certs) and DIGEST-MD5.

I found a bug

Please report it to our issue tracker. If your app crashes please provide a stack trace. If you are experiencing misbehavior please provide detailed steps to reproduce. Always mention whether you are running the latest Play Store version or the current HEAD. If you are having problems connecting to your XMPP server your file transfer doesn’t work as expected please always include a logcat debug output with your issue (see above).