The What's On guide for Leeds geeks.
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Leeds Geeks — A What's On guide for Leeds Geeks,

Nothing fancy, just a list of geek groups and event organisers in the Leeds area.

If you want to ammend something you have a few options, in order of preference ;)

  • Fork this repo, make your changes and send a pull request.
  • Create an issue in the github project.
  • Send me a message/email.

Most of the time it's just a matter of updating the Groups list in leedsgeeks.json.

Each item is a JSON object containing Name, Description, Schedule and Links attributes, e.g.

    "Name": "Geeks Against February",
    "Description": "A groups for geeks who can only handle February every few years.",
    "Schedule": "29th of the every month",
    "Links": [
        {"Label": "Web", "URL": ""},
        {"Label": "Twitter", "URL": "", "LinkText": "@FebGeeks"}

Only the Name is required. Most things are deliberately left relatively free-form.

The Groups list is kept in alphabetical order so the code doesn't have to worry about sorting.

Suggestions for additional information to add are welcome, although I will fight anything that makes it harder to maintain ;).