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Collection view for Backbone and JQuery

This library provides a generic, reusable view which provides:

  • Automatic management of item views
  • Reordering using mouse dragging

Currently only vertical dragging is supported. Future plans include horizontal and hierarchical dragging and HTML5 drag/drop.


There are some examples in the examples directory. Basically:

  • Subclass Backbone.JQuery.CollectionView and override the createSubview() method to return a view that corresponds to each model in the collection.
  • Instantiate the collection view with a hash of options.
  • Call render() on the view.
  • Provide CSS for dragging and dropping.

When instantiating the collection view, the following option is required:

  • collection: This must be the collection that the view will be backed by.

Optional options:

  • dragging: Set whether to enable drag and drop. Defaults to true.
  • dragTolerance: The number of pixels that the mouse must be moved before the view interprets the action as a dragging movement.
  • scrollTolerance: The number of pixels that the mouse must be within the edge of the window in order to trigger scrolling when dragging.
  • draggingClass: Class name to add to item views when dragging. Defaults to dragging.
  • dropMarkerClass: Class name to add to drop marker element that indicates where an item will be placed. Defaults to drop_marker.
  • positionAttribute: Name of attribute that has the ordinal position of each item. If this is specified, this attribute is maintained, and it is assumed that the collection has a similar comparator that uses the attribute. Otherwise, it is assumed that the collection is not automatically sorted, and dragging items in the view will simply rearrange the collection's contents.
  • dragConstrainX: If true, dragging will be constrained to the Y axis only.
  • showPlaceholder: If true, while dragging, leave a blank area where the dragged item was. Defaults to true.

There are two CSS aspects that might need to be provided:

  • The drag class. (Specified with the draggingClass option.) This class is added to the item view's element when it is being dragged.
  • The drop marker class. (Specified with dropMarkerClass option.) When dragging an item, an indicator element is placed that highlights where the item will be dropped.



The code uses the MIT license. See the file LICENSE.