Examples to make Plugins for Atomia Software
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Atomia Sample Plugins

Copyright (c) 2012, Atomia AB info@atomia.com


The intended use of this repository is for it to be a place where you can find samples of how to integrate with Atomia.

Currently it only contains examples for Atomia Automation Server, but it will be expanded to include samples of plugins, etc, for our other products as well.

Get started

You should first follow the instructions for installing the Automation Server SDK at https://github.com/atomia/sample-plugins/tree/master/AutomationServer/SDK

Then you can checkout some examples modules for Automation Server:


The examples are licensed under the ISC-license. See https://github.com/atomia/sample-plugins/blob/master/LICENSE-EXAMPLES.txt for details.

The SDK installs a copy of Atomia Automation Server running in development mode (without authentication etc). You have a license to use it for module development purposes only.