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Gitlab Cookbook Changelog


  • Merge all pull requests in the queue
  • Upgrade to gitlab 8-0-stable branch (update configuration, new gitlab-git-http-server, security.yml)
  • In Fix 8.0.1 - Update gitlab.init.erb


  • Closes #90, incorrect instance variable in template.


  • Credit to @jeremyolliver for doing most of the work for an 7.x release.
    • gitlab branch targets 7-7-stable.
    • gitlab shell branch targets 2.4.1.
    • Ruby version is 2.1.2.
  • mysql cookbook 6.0 related changes.
    • This is a potentially breaking change. The gitlab::mysql recipe now sets up a mysql server since the mysql::server recipe no longer exists in the 6.0 version of the mysql cookbook.
    • A future release of this cookbook may separate the duties of the mysql server, and the mysql database initialization for gitlab.
    • NOTE the database initialization for postgres remains unchanged, and backwards compatible with prior releases.


  • Fix Rubocop warnings
  • Issue #76
    • Bump version to 6.9
    • depsolv problem with modernizr
  • Issue #74
  • Use database::mysql and database::postgresql for database cookbook library functionality as mysql::ruby postgres::ruby deprecrated.

v6.4.5 - v6.4.6

  • Add regression tests for #66 hackery
  • Issue #66, #71 regression, update-alternatives hack does not work when install_ruby_path is changed.


  • Issue #62, certificate resource does not exist if nil, and used as name attribute.


  • Issue #66, gitlab service needs a priority > 20, on debian platform.
  • Issue #66, update-alternatives hack so gitlab-shell can find Ruby.
  • Issue #69, Correct gitlab_url in gitlab-shell config.yml, add regression tests.
  • Issue #67, soften cookbook dependencies on unknown platforms.
  • Issue #62, Add new user attributes to gitlab.yml, and update documentation.


  • Add a profile script shim, so init script can correct Ruby.


  • Issue #60 - thanks to @nickryand

    • Modified the bundle install command to drop a file on successful completion
    • Added the absolute path to the bundler binary installed into the system ruby path.
    • Added a more accurate pattern matcher to gitlab service resource so Chef can find unicorn_rails processes instead of finding processes that have the 'gitlab' string in them.
    • Changed the background call to script/web and script/background_jobs in the startup script. These are now foreground calls forcing the start script to block until they return (after the processes are up). This prevents the Chef run from completing before the unicorn_rails processes are up.
  • Other fixes/tweaks

    • Remove yum dependency hell.
    • Change init/database.yml order due to service subscription.
    • Add a :80 redirect to :443, avoids default site showing on :80 when gitlab['https'] set.
  • Update test files

    • Pin omnibus version at 11.8.2, redisio remote file resource failure.
    • Remove explicit nil on databag_certificate_id, fails on default suite
    • Remove support Gemfile, and update travis.yml
    • Add bats tests for default/https suites


  • Bump gitlab-shell to v1.8.0
  • Bump gitlab to 6.4.0
  • Remove stale nginx config file
  • Default recipe changes
    • Update gitlab-shell config to point at /usr/local/bin/redis-cli
    • Fix permissions on .ssh/authorized_keys
    • Add rack_attack file
    • Add precompile assets execute
    • Add logrotate dependency and configuration


  • Add node['database']['userhost'] attribute, fixes #57
  • Fix gitlab['listen_port']/gitlab['https'] condition, fixes #58
  • Add node['gitlab']['self_signed_cert'] and documentation, fixes #58
  • Revert yum-epel changes, COOK-4164 blocking, will re-open
    • Fix dependency hell w/ nginx cookbook
  • Add rubocop linting
  • Add chefspec mysql/postgres http/https branching specs
  • Remove unneeded python dependency


Bugs squashed:

  • Re-order database components to fix Ubuntu Test-Kitchen run. #44
  • Update port forwarding configuration in kitchen.yml. #46
  • Update Satellite paths to fix Gitlab forking. #50
  • ruby-build installs to node['gitlab']['home'], avoiding PATH hacks for Rake. Use node['gitlab']['install_ruby_path'] to override. #16
  • ruby-build failing on 1.9.3-p448, bump version to 1.9.3-p484.
  • Pinned yum dependency on < 3.0.0

Features added:

  • Add knob for disabling Gravatar. #51
  • Add LDAP Authentication support. #49


  • sudo cookbook dependency removed. #52


Clean up some of the code to target 6-1-stable branch

  • Move gitlab.home to /srv/git - FHS 2.3
  • Use ruby_build to compile 1.9.3 by default per gitlabhq documentation.
  • Clean up both cookbook and package dependencies.
  • Remove ruby-shadow, included in Omnibus, not needed anyway as no password is set.
  • Use gitconfig template, instead of execute.
  • Add test-kitchen skeleton, and certificate data_bag integration.
    • Add gitlab.certificate_databag_id to deploy certificate from encrypted databag.
  • Minor sudo fix in gitlab init script.
  • Use nginx_site definition to disable default nginx site.
  • Add nginx_server_names array for hostname match precedence over potential default sites matching _.


  • Database back-end changes via @sethvargo

    • Adds a mysql and postgresql database creation
    • Breaking change: developed against githlabhq/master (sqlite no longer supported)
  • Gitolite deploy changes via @dscheu

    • Deploy gitlabhq/gitolite, not sitaramc/gitolite
  • Add configurable backup paths to Gitlab configuration via @dscheu


Fix issues with stable snapshot v3.x

  • Avoid installing pg, gem which adds extra dependencies
  • Add change to default gitolite.rc per upgrade instructions


Issues #9 and #10

Issue 9: this version MAY fix issues with key generation when cookbook is invocated via chef-solo. There may exist other chef-solo blockers within the cookbook. Specifically, File.exists? guards were added to SSH public key generation code blocks.

Issue 10: this version fixes one minor dependency bug with EPEL dependencies via metadata and inclusion.


  • Default gitlab branch to stable


  • ISSUE 7: public key template fails to render
  • ISSUE 8: unicorn_rails script fails on ruby package platforms


  • Missing bracket
  • Change single-quote variable to symbol notation
  • install python and symlink redis-cli so hooks work
  • HTTPS options for nginx
  • Ubuntu/Debian platform compatibility fixes
  • FC035: Template uses node attribute directly


Thanks to Fletcher Nichol for the feedback and fixes :)

  • Add gitlab_branch attribute.
  • Fix directory block syntax (do).


  • Epic public release
  • Moar testing
  • Clean up init script
  • Fix unicorn config
  • Fix gitlab home permissions for nginx


#Epic refactor

  • Write long README
  • variable renaming to simplify readability
  • refactor dependencies and package lists
  • generate ssh keys in Ruby, import to gitolite
  • Integrate gitolite recipe into cookbook
  • Fix broken ssh problems
  • fixup git home permissions
  • use system ruby instead of chef-full bundler
  • Re-work dependencies; Prefer ruby_build rubies over Redhat shipped

v0.0.1 - v0.0.40


Added cookbook dependencies for gitlab/gitolite Prototype attributes for gitlab cookbook Fixed gitolite support for gitlab in default.rb Fixed permissions & gl-setup in gitlab default.rb Edit default.rb in gitlab & gitolite cookbooks Edit gitolite cmd to add .pub key Fix code blocks in wrong order gitolite/gitlab ckbks Refactor gitolite/gitlab ckbks again. Works now. Add cookbooks redisio & sqlite. Install pkgs for gitlab Install Gems. Rename config files 4 gitlab cookbook Config Sqlite DB for gitlab Add ability to start gitlab & resque