Domain Name Snarf was created to grab all the zone names on a primary DNS server. Our solution to this problem consists of a Perl application which can auto-discover the zone names on a Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, and 2008 Domain Controller.
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1.  Just copy the two files, and dnsnarf.pod to /usr/local/bin chmod.   
    cp dnsnarf.pod /usr/local/bin

2.  There are two template directories.  The set of templates in
    internal.templates is for an internal DNS server.
    The other directory is external.templates, which is for an Internet
    facing DNS server.

3.  Copy named.options, named.rfc1912.zones, named.root.hints from the
    appropriate template directory

4.  Create a dnsnarf service account in Active Directory, give the service
    account a good strong password.  Configure a GPO:

    a) Configure a key:

    b) Give your dnsnarf service account 'Read' and 'Apply GPO' permissions
    for the GPO registry key you previously configured.

5.  You should be able to test the dnsnarf script at this point.  If
    everything works, then you can configure a cron job to periodically
    grab new zone names from a remote registry.

DOCUMENTATION see 'perldoc dnsnarf'