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atomic calendar card v0.8.5

Advanced calendar card for Home Assistant with Lovelace.

This component is no longer maintained. Instead, please use this one - Atomic Calendar Revive

It's was still working for me the way it should, but due to personal reasons I'm not maintaining it anymore.

I'm happy to see that my idea of calendar component was liked by others, had many users, and I'm glad to see it's continued by marksie1988

Work in progress. If you have any problems, please use v0.8.5

Calendar card with advanced settings. It loads calendar events from Home Assistant - Google calendar component.

It contains two types of views: Events mode and Calendar mode. You can switch or select the default one.

The most important features:

  • No need to load external libraries (everything is included)
  • Custom colors and settings for different calendars, custom font sizes, colors of every text and line
  • All translations included, few of the words can be configured in settings
  • Compatible with all day and multiple day events
  • Fast switch between both modes, or make one of them default
  • Event mode:
  • Shows nearest events, one by one, day by day, time of events in a different way (dates, hours)
  • Moves today's completed events up and dim them
  • Highlights the next event, or show a progress bar
  • Shows event location link
  • Clicking on the title will open a new window with Google Calendar
  • Clicking on Location will open a window with this location on Google Maps
  • Calendar mode:
  • Show a traditional calendar (a table with 42 days) with configurable events icons like holiday, birthday
  • Quick overview of the following months
  • You can set keywords to show only important things, like birthday

If you have any suggestions about design or functionality, please let me know, open an issue or add a comment to community thread.

Preview Preview Preview

1. Installation

  1. You need to have the Google calendar component configured in Home Assistant.
  2. Download atomic-calendar.js file to /www directory in your Home Assistant - latest release - link not working (in development)
  3. Add this reference to your ui-lovelace.yaml file:
  - url: /local/atomic_calendar.js
    type: module
  1. Add card with options to ui-lovelace.yaml, examples below
  2. If you are upgrading, try to reload your browser cache by pressing ctrl-shift-r or shift-F5.
  3. If you want to use Calendar mode follow the guide in chapter 6, because HA is getting only 5 nearest events from Google Calendar.

2. Options

Main settings

Name Type Default Since Description
type string required v0.3.0 custom:atomic-calendar
entities list required v0.3.0 One or more calendars, configured in HA Google Calendar component
title string optional v0.3.0 Calendar Calendar title
showColors string optional v0.3.0 true Show colors in events, configured in entities list
maxDaysToShow integer optional v0.3.0 7 Maximum number of days to show
showLocation boolean optional v0.3.0 true Show location link (right side)
showMonth boolean optional v0.3.0 false Show month under day (left side)
showLoader boolean optional v0.7.0 true Show animation, when events are being loaded from Google Calendar.
showDate boolean optional v0.7.2 false Show the date on the right side of the title
startDaysAhead integer optional v0.7.3 0 If you set more than 0, events will be loaded starting x days from today. For example 1 - the component will show events starting from tomorrow.
showDescription boolean optional v0.8.4 false Shows long description of event from Google Calendar.
showNoEventsForToday boolean optional v0.8.6 false Shows No events for today if no events, instead of omit the entry.

Translations and language related settings

Week / month names are translated automatically

Name Type Default Since Description
language string optional v0.8.4 default Force language change. For example pt-br. If not set, default HA language is used.
untilText string optional v0.3.0 Until Custom translation of Until text
fullDayEventText string optional v0.3.0 All day Custom translation of All day text
noEventsForNextDaysText string optional v0.8.6 No events in the next days Custom translation of No events in the next days text
noEventsForTodayText string optional v0.8.6 No events for today Custom translation of No events for today text, only if showNoEventsForToday is true
dateFormat string optional v0.7.2 LL Custom date format - see for examples
hoursFormat string optional v0.7.3 default Custom hours format - you can set 12h or 24h or default (default for local HA language settings) or even provide your custom, like HH:mm or h:mm A - see for examples

Text colors and fonts

If you don't set colors, default theme colors will be used. If you use automatic night/day modes, don't use manual color settings.

Name Type Since Description
dateColor string v0.3.0 default text color Color of date (left side)
dateSize integer v0.3.0 90 Date text size (percent of default font)
timeColor string v0.3.0 default color Color of time (under the event title)
timeSize integer v0.3.0 90 Time text size (percent of default font)
titleColor string v0.3.0 default text color Color of event title
titleSize integer v0.3.0 100 Event title text size (percent of default font)
locationLinkColor string v0.3.0 default text color Color of location link (right side)
locationTextSize integer v0.3.0 90 Location text size (percent of default font)
locationIconColor string v0.3.0 rgb(230, 124, 115) Color of location icon
dimFinishedEvents boolean v0.3.0 true Apply filters to finished events (configured below)
finishedEventOpacity float v0.3.0 0.6 Opacity level of finished events
finishedEventOpacity string v0.3.0 grayscale(100%) additional css filter to of finished events (default - greyscale)
dayWrapperLineColor string v0.3.0 default text color Color of line - days separate
descColor string v0.8.4 default text color Description of date (left side)
descSize integer v0.8.4 80 Description text size (percent of default font)

Next event pointer (currently line with icon)

Name Type Since Description
showCurrentEventLine boolean v0.3.0 false Show line before next event. Don't enable when showProgressBar is true - will look bad
eventBarColor string v0.3.0 default color Color of line showing next event

Event progress bar (line with icon)

Name Type Since Description
showProgressBar boolean optional v0.5.5
progressBarColor string v0.5.5 default color Color of progress bar

Entity options (configurations for each calendar)

Name Type Since Description
type string optional v0.5.5
blacklist string v0.7.9 null List of comma separated blacklisted keywords. Events containing any of them will not be shown.

3. Calendar Mode

The second mode of view - calendar mode - is to show full month calendar with simple events icons or colors, for most important, infrequent events, like holiday or birthday. You can change mode by clicking "Calendar" title, or even make it default view. To make it working correctly you need to get more events than default 5 - you need to follow instruction in chapter 6 of this Readme, and setup it for 20-30 events at least.

There are four configurable possibilities for showing events occurring any day:

  • day number color - for example "14" will be red for Valentine's Day
  • Icon1 - will show any mdi icon under date, like birthday (default: gift icon)
  • Icon2 - like above, just any other type of event (default: home icon)
  • Icon3 - like above (default: star icon)

If you want to use any calendar's events, you have to add one or more of types:

CalEventIcon1Filter: bills,waste       # only events with those words will be shown
CalEventIcon2Filter: cleaning          # only events with those words will be shown
- entity: calendar.atomic7777          # no type, it won't be shown in calendar mode
- type: holiday                        # events from this calendar will be red
  entity: calendar.calendar_holiday
- type: icon1,icon2                    # will show icon1 and icon2, but with filters configured above
  entity: calendar.home_events
- type: icon3                          # icon1 has no filters, show all events from this calendar
  entity: calendar.birthday
        - entity: calendar.calendar_holiday
          type: holiday			// events from this calendar will be red
        - entity: calendar.home_events
          type: icon2,icon3                 // will show icon2 and icon3, but with filters configured below
        - entity: calendar.birthday
          type: icon1		 	// Icon1 has no filters, show all events from this calendar
    - entity: calendar.atomic7777       // no type, it won't be shown in calendar mode
    CalEventIcon1Filter: bills,waste    // only events with those words will be shown
    CalEventIcon2Filter: cleaning       // only events with those words will be shown		

If you set filters (keywords) for any type, it will show an icon only when event summary contains one of keywords. If you don't set any filter, it will show icons for all days with any events.

## Calendar Mode settings
| Name | Type | Since | Description |
| enableModeChange | boolean | v0.7.0 | `false` Set true to enable mode change (Calendar/Events)
| defaultMode | integer | v0.7.0 | `1` Set `1` to make Events default mode, set `2` to make Calendar mode default
| firstDayOfWeek | integer | v0.7.0 | `1` First day of week, default 1 for Monday
| CalEventHolidayColor | string | v0.7.0 | `red` Color of day for `type: holiday` calendar
| CalEventIcon1 | string | v0.7.0 | `mdi:gift` Icon for `type: icon1` calendar
| CalEventIcon1Color | string | v0.7.0 | `default` Color of icon for `type: icon1` calendar
| CalEventIcon1Filter | string | v0.7.0 | `null` List of comma separated keywords
| CalEventIcon2 | string | v0.7.0 | `mdi:home` Icon for `type: icon2` calendar
| CalEventIcon2Color | string | v0.7.0 | `default` Color of icon for `type: icon2` calendar
| CalEventIcon2Filter | string | v0.7.0 | `null` List of comma separated keywords
| CalEventIcon3 | string | v0.7.0 | `mdi:star` Icon for `type: icon3` calendar
| CalEventIcon3Color | string | v0.7.0 | `default` Color of icon for `type: icon3` calendar
| CalEventIcon3Filter | string | v0.7.0 | `null` List of comma separated keywords
| showLastCalendarWeek  | boolean | v0.7.5 | `true` If true (default) it will always show 6 lines. If false, the 6th line won't be displayed if not needed.

## 4. Configuration examples

Simple configuration:
- type: "custom:atomic-calendar"
  title: "Calendar"
  - entity: calendar.kalendarz_dom
    color: red
  - calendar.atomic7777
    blacklist: 'word1, word2'

Advanced config with all options, colors changed and progress bar enabled:

- type: "custom:atomic-calendar"
  title: "Calendar"
  - entity: calendar.YOUR_CALENDARS_HERE
  fullDayEventText: 'All day'
  untilText: 'Until'
  showColors: true
  maxDaysToShow: 7
  showLocation: true
  showMonth: false
  showCurrentEventLine: false
  dateColor: black
  dateSize: 90
  timeColor: blue
  timeSize: 90
  titleColor: black
  titleSize: 100
  locationIconColor: 'rgb(230, 124, 115)'
  locationLinkColor: black
  locationTextSize: 90
  dimFinishedEvents: true
  finishedEventOpacity: 0.6
  finishedEventFilter: 'grayscale(100%)'
  dayWrapperLineColor: black
  eventBarColor: blue
  showProgressBar: true
  progressBarColor: blue

Simple configuration, both Events mode and Calendar mode, calendar is default:

          - type: "custom:atomic-calendar"
            title: "Calendar"
	    enableModeChange: true
            defaultMode: 2
	    CalEventIcon1Filter: birthday
	    CalEventIcon2Filter: waste,bills
            - entity: calendar.kalendarz_dom
	      type: icon2
            - calendar.atomic7777
	      type: icon1,icon2
            - entity: calendar.kalendarz_swieta
              type: holiday		

6. How to show more than 5 events

You have to add max_results setting to google_calendars.yaml file:

- cal_id:
  - device_id: calendar_id
    name: Calendar_name
    max_results: 15

7. Automatic update

Automatic update using HACS component:

  1. You need HACS installed and configured
  2. Go to Community tab, Settings
  3. Paste this line into Add custom repository field:
  1. Choose type: Plugin
  2. The atomic_calendar component will be installed and updated.
  3. Add to the ui-lovelace.yaml file :
   - url: /community_plugin/atomic_calendar/atomic_calendar.js
     type: module