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For instructions on upgrading to newer versions, visit

2.1.0 (unreleased)

Major Changes

  • Mongoid now requires MongoDB 1.8.x in order to properly support the #bit and #rename atomic operations.

  • Traditional slave support has been removed from Mongoid. Replica sets should be used in place of traditional master and slave setups.

  • Custom field serialization has changed. Please see

serializable for changes.

New Features

  • #587 Added order preference to many and many to many associations (Gregory Man)

  • Added ability to chain order_by statements (Gregory Man)

  • #961 Allow arbitrary Mongo::Connection options to pass through Mongoid::Config::Database object. (Morgan Nelson)

  • Enable autosave for many to many references. (Dave Krupinski)

  • The following explicit atomic operations have been added: Model#bit, Model#pop, Model#pull, Model#push_all, Model#rename, Model#unset.

Bug Fixes

  • #974 Fix attribute_present? to work correctly then attribute value is false, thanks to @nickhoffman (Gregory Man)

  • #960 create indexes rake task is not recognizing a lot of mongoid models because it has problems guessing their model names from filenames (Tobias Schlottke)

  • #874 Deleting from a M-M reference is one-sided (nickhoffman, davekrupinski)

  • Replace deprecated class_inheritable_hash dropped in Rails 3.1+ (Konstantin Shabanov)

  • Fix inconsistent state when replacing an entire many to many relation

  • Don't clobber inheritable attributes when adding subclass field inheritance (Dave Krupinski)

  • #914 Querying embedded documents with '$or' selector (Max Golovnia)

  • #514 Fix marshaling of documents with relation extensions (Chris Griego)

    Metadata#extension now returns a Module, instead of a Proc, when an extension is defined.

  • #837 When allow_dynamic_fields is set to false and loading an embedded document with an unrecognized field, an exception is raised.

  • #963 Initializing array of embedded documents via hash regressed (Chris Griego, Morgan Nelson)

  • Mongoid::Config.reset resets the options to their default values.

  • Mongoid::Fields.defaults is memoized for faster instantiation of models.