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Add a Currency

Instructions for getting a new cryptocurrency added to HyperDEX.


  • The currency must be Bitcoin-compatible or ERC20-based.
  • If the currency is not ERC20-based, there must be at least 2 trusted Electrum servers for the currency. The servers should available on domains/subdomains, not IP addresses. Preferably subdomains on the official domain. Say the domain is, the Electrum servers should be at and


You must prove to us that the currency information is correct and that the Electrum servers are officially approved.



  • Add the currency to (We use this repo as the source of truth)
  • Open an issue on if the currency's icon is not already there. We will make an icon for the currency.
  • When your pull request to jl777/coins has been merged, you can open a pull request on
    • Add the currency info here. Note that the list is ordered alphabetically.
    • Add the block explorer here. Note that the list is ordered alphabetically.
    • In the pull request description, include information about the currency, like official website, CoinMarketCap page, Twitter, etc. Also include a link to your jl777/coins pull request.