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Update readme for beta release (#518)

Updated the readme with more information for the beta release.

I've added a screenshot and added some caveat text explaining some of the flaws we're aware of and stressing the software is still beta and not considered stable.
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lukechilds committed Sep 13, 2018
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<p>Desktop App for <a href="">BarterDEX</a></p>
<p>Grandma-Friendly Atomic Swaps</p>
<a title="Downloads" href="">
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<a title="MIT License" href="LICENSE">
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<a title="Release" href="">
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<a title="Keybase" target="_blank" href="">
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**This app is still in private testing phase. The repo has been made public for convenience. Please do not share it.**
## HyperDEX is a truly decentralised cryptocurrency exchange.
## Testing
Built on the Komodo Platform's <a href="">BarterDEX</a> network, HyperDEX is entirely peer-to-peer and all trades are made via on-chain atomic swaps. As a result, you are in full custody of your funds the entire time, your private keys never leave your machine.
Please download the latest [nightly build]( and report detailed issues with the "Feedback" button in the app.
## Caveats
### This software is currently in beta
There is a risk of loss of funds. Only trade in real currency if you can take that risk. We recommend trading the test currencies `BEER` and `PIZZA` instead. You can get free `BEER` at the `BEER` [faucet](
### All communication is currently unencrypted
Currently HyperDEX is vulnerable to MITM attacks and your actions and addresses are broadcast in plain text. Do not use HyperDEX on a public network other than for testing.
Encrypted communication is planned for our first stable release.
### Most electrum servers are currently ran by community members
This means there is an element of trust involved. It's technically possible for a malicious electrum server operator to double spend and therefore reverse swaps.
We are planning to add an option to connect to your own trusted electrum server.
### We currently only require 1 confirmation for each transaction
For many currencies 1 confirmation is cost effective to 51% attack. This would allow an attacker to double spend and effectively reverse trades.
We are planning to add an option to specify the number of confirmations your are comfortable with per currency.
## Install
@@ -49,6 +74,18 @@ Please download the latest [nightly build](
[**Download**]( the `.exe` file.
## Testing
Please download the latest [nightly build]( and report detailed issues with the "Feedback" button in the app.
## Donate
HyperDEX is a free and open source project. You can help support its development by donating to the below addresses:
| Symbol | Address |
| ------- | ----------------------------------- |
| **BTC** | `1HyperDEXfMx459ZFh6Ram5uymS8AiRAQf`|
| **KMD** | `RHyper8TJyHK6uZ3AXzUwC2uVRdt7cfxEC`|
## License
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"productName": "HyperDEX",
"version": "0.1.0",
"private": true,
"description": "BarterDEX desktop app",
"description": "Grandma-Friendly Atomic Swaps",
"license": "MIT",
"repository": "atomiclabs/hyperdex",
"author": {
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