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See the install instructions.

Important: If you're upgrading from alpha.10, you need to delete your trade history as this version has an incompatible format. Right after opening this version, log in to your portfolio, go to the "Debug" menu and choose "Delete Trade History".

Remember to report issues through the "Feedback" button in the app.

Keep in mind that this is an alpha version. There is a risk of loss of funds. Only trade in real currency if you can take that risk. We recommend trading in the test currencies BEER and PIZZA instead. You can get BEER for free here.


  • GTC orders. 0040d04
    All orders are now Good 'Till Cancelled (GTC) orders. If you place an order it will stay pending and keep re-broadcasting the order every 10 minutes until it either matches or the user cancels it. Read more.
  • Only show open orders on the exchange view. a95f256
    Because of GTC, we now only show open orders in the Exchange view. Go to the Trades view to view completed/failed orders.
  • Add donate button. e2660ef
  • Add ability to sort orders in the Trades view. d505b8e
  • Improve login performance. 8aec0fa
  • Disable Debug Mode by default in production. You can re-enable it in the Help menu. e00eff5
  • Update to BarterDEX Marketmaker v1.0.543. 34d88e4
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