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Keep in mind that HyperDEX is still in beta. There is a risk of loss of funds. Only trade in real currency if you can take that risk. We recommend trading the test currencies BEER and PIZZA instead. You can get free BEER at the BEER faucet.


  • Make the swap list rows clickable. You now click anywhere in the row instead of the "View" button. 5768b3e
  • Add filters to the trade history. 6074f21
  • Add a copy button to the modal that shows your seed phrase. be63d25
  • Fix a small zero being accidentally shown after the wallet currency price. 9d9769e
  • Fix the price history fetching error handling. fb23e32
  • In the Dashboard view, show 6 fractional digits for currencies worth less than 1. 1cab80f
  • Update to BarterDEX Marketmaker v1.0.861. 700fed4