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This project is no longer actively maintained. If you’re interested in taking over the project, email the author.

Ensemble Test Automation Framework

We created a test automation framework for InterSystems’ Ensemble productions when we were hired to develop conversions, HL7 interfaces and web apps with Ensemble. Our framework brings test-driven development (TDD) to the InterSystems tool chain of Cachè and Ensemble.

The benefits of TDD for InterSystems technology are similar to other technologies and platforms:

  • Improving the quality of new productions
  • Reducing the time/cost for developing new productions
  • Reducing mistakes made when modifying or extending existing productions
  • Reducing the cost of full regression testing

Another significant benefit to test automation in this context is to ease the pain, anxiety and risk of upgrading to a new version of Ensemble.

We’ve bundled an HL7 routing example, a simple general example application, and some documentation with the project to make it easier to get started. A rudimentary continuous integration task is included.

We last used this framework with Ensemble version 2008.2.

More to Explore

Production Testing Demonstration Video

The video can be watched in high quality or directly but in lower resolution below.


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