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593e008 @dewind migrated objection into its own repository
dewind authored
1 # xcode
2 build/*
3 *.pbxuser
4 !default.pbxuser
5 *.mode1v3
6 !default.mode1v3
7 *.mode2v3
8 !default.mode2v3
9 *.perspectivev3
10 !default.perspectivev3
11 *.xcworkspace
12 !default.xcworkspace
13 xcuserdata
14 profile
15 *.moved-aside
16 *.swp
37ba0ac @dewind found a far better way of detecting a protocol vs. a class via help from...
dewind authored
17 _site
bd9fd8d @dewind Adding workspace
dewind authored
18 !Objection.xcworkspace
5160fb0 @dewind Updated gitignore
dewind authored
19 run
dae7941 @dewind Added package command
dewind authored
20 pkg
974d2e5 @dewind Added DS_Store to gitignore
dewind authored
21 .DS_Store
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