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#import "SpecHelper.h"
#import "InjectionErrorFixtures.h"
#import "Fixtures.h"
JSObjectionInjector *injector = [JSObjection createInjector];
[JSObjection setDefaultInjector:injector];
it(@"throws an exception if property type is not an object", ^{
[[JSObjection defaultInjector] getObject:[UnsupportedPropertyObject class]];
}) should] raiseWithReason:@"Unable to determine class type for property declaration: 'myInteger'"];
it(@"throws an exception if property cannot be found", ^{
[[JSObjection defaultInjector] getObject:[BadPropertyObject class]];
}) should] raiseWithReason:@"Unable to find property declaration: 'badProperty'"];
it(@"throws if an object requires a protocol that does not exist in the context", ^{
[[JSObjection defaultInjector] getObject:[ManualCar class]];
}) should] raiseWithReason:@"Cannot find an instance that is bound to the protocol 'GearBox' to assign to the property 'gearBox'"];
it(@"throws if instantiation rule is not valid", ^{
[JSObjection registerClass:[CarFactory class] lifeCycle:3];
}) should] raiseWithReason:@"Invalid Instantiation Rule"];
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