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#import "SpecHelper.h"
#import "InitializerFixtures.h"
__block JSObjectionInjector *injector = nil;
injector = [JSObjection createInjector];
it(@"instantiates the object with the default initializer arguments", ^{
ViewController *controller = [injector getObject:[ViewController class]];
[[controller.nibName should] equal:@"MyNib"];
assertThat(controller.bundle, nilValue());
[[ should] beMemberOfClass:[Car class]];
it(@"will override the default arguments if arguments are passed to the injector", ^{
ViewController *controller = [injector getObjectWithArgs:[ViewController class], @"AnotherNib", @"pretendBundle", nil];
[[controller.nibName should] equal:@"AnotherNib"];
[[controller.bundle should] equal:@"pretendBundle"];
[[ should] beMemberOfClass:[Car class]];
it(@"is OK to register an object with an initializer without any default arguments", ^{
ConfigurableCar *car = [injector getObjectWithArgs:[ConfigurableCar class], @"Passat", [NSNumber numberWithInt:200], [NSNumber numberWithInt:2002], nil];
[[car.horsePower should] equal:[NSNumber numberWithInt:200]];
[[car.model should] equal:@"Passat"];
[[car.year should] equal:[NSNumber numberWithInt:2002]];
[[car.engine should] beMemberOfClass:[Engine class]];
it(@"raises an exception if the initializer is not valid", ^{
[injector getObject:[BadInitializer class]];
}) should] raiseWithReason:@"Could not find initializer 'initWithNonExistentInitializer' on BadInitializer"];
it(@"supports initializing an object with a class method", ^{
Truck *truck = [injector getObjectWithArgs:[Truck class], @"Ford", nil];
[[truck shouldNot] beNil];
[[ should] equal:@"Ford"];
it(@"filters the init initializer as a class initializer option", ^{
FilterInitInitializer *obj = [injector getObject:[FilterInitInitializer class]];
[[obj shouldNot] beNil];
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