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Welcome to the psinfo git repository used in Atomic's hands-on embedded TDD workshop.

How to use this project

Examples from the presentation

Out of the box the project is setup to run the examples from the presentation (like the DataLoader example). rake will compile the code and run the tests.

Building the client

  • Create a new git branch for the client: git checkout -b client
  • Blast the example test files from the test directory
  • Blast the example source files from the source directory
  • Start building your client! Check in regularly with git add and git commit

Building the server

We build the server in a similar fashion: create a git branch for it, wipe out old files, and start building. It may be helpful to start from the client branch if you want to reuse some of the code (like arguments parsing).

The protocol

The client-server protocol is documented in the doc/psinfo_protocol.pdf file.

Cucumber features

Cucumber features exist for both the client and server. Run them with rake cuke:client and rake cuke:server, respectively.

Run the Cucumber features regularly to track your progress. Once they're all passing, you're done!

The command line protocol

The way in which the Cucumber test harness will run your client and server commands is documented in the doc/psinfo_protocol.pdf file.

The Ruby cheater scripts

If you run Rake's cuke:client or cuke:server commands with the CHEAT environment variable set, then the test harness will run the Ruby scripts in cheater against the test suite. This can be a nice sanity check to ensure the test harness is working as expected.

Example: cheat=yes rake cuke:server

Git usage

The document doc/git_usage.pdf contains some basic git usage commands - add, commit, etc.

Excellent git resources:

Git tags

Git tags have been used to mark the repository after a workshop concludes - i.e. the march-2011 tag refers to the code used in the March 2011 workshop.