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Small library for the creation of interfaces based on web-components, only using functions and hooks.
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A microlibrería inspired by React Hooks, designed and optimized for the creation of webcomponents



Atomico documentation is available on gitbook in the following URL, you can request direct support via twitter to @ Uppercod or @Atomicojs, don't hesitate to ask, I'll be happy to help you!

my first webcomponent with Atomico

api documentation virtual-dom

api documentation hooks

api documentation props

Why Atomico?

With only 3kb you can start with:

Virtual-dom designed to facilitate the definition of the DOM state of the webcomponent, eg:

Atomico diff

9 different types hooks to create highly reusable logic, useProp, useState, useReducer, useEffect, useRef, useHost, useMemo, useCallback, useEvent and usePublic.

Atomico hooks

Declaration of types as objects, supporting type validation, reflection of properties as attribute, default values, value options, automatic emission of events when the property changes and more.

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