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Atomico simplifies learning, workflow and maintenance when creating webcomponents.

  1. Scalable and reusable interfaces: with Atomico the code is simpler and you can apply practices that facilitate the reuse of your code.
  2. Open communication: with Atomico you can communicate states by events, properties or methods.
  3. Agnostic: your custom element will work in any web-compatible library, eg React, Vue, Svelte or Angular.
  4. Performance: Atomico has a comparative performance at Svelte levels, winning the third position in performance according to in a comparison of 55 libraries among which is React, Vue, Stencil and Lit.

Atomico is simple and the result will always be a standard and optimized webcomponent.

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Atomico is a modern syntax micro-library created by Matias Trujillo alias @UpperCod, which simplifies the creation of webcomponents by replacing the need to use classes and contexts by functions and scope to support logic, attributes, properties, methods and events.