Skeleton Sass is a highly modular version of Skeleton CSS
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Skeleton Sass 3

Skeleton Sass is a highly modular version of Skeleton CSS.

Key Features

  • Ability to seamlessly adjust grids by changing the value of variables
  • Themes
  • Easy-to-use mixins and functions
  • Install Skeleton Sass with bower or npm! No more clunky scripts!
  • Live demo!
  • Heavily documented


Does this work with other Sass compilers?

Yes! Skeleton Sass 3 has been tested with the following compilers and libsass wrappers:

How do I Consume Skeleton Sass?

If you're using a bower, npm, or yarn then install via:

bower i --save-dev skeleton-sass
bower i --save-dev skeleton-sass-official
npm i --save-dev skeleton-sass-official
yarn install skeleton-sass-official --dev

Optionally, if you are not using one of these package managers, then you can clone the repo and put in a special directory with the rest of your dependencies.

cd path/to/my_dir
git clone

From here, minimal stitching is required to get Skeleton Sass 3 integrated into your project! At a minimum, you need to create a single file: skeleton.scss

From *nix:

cd path/to/sass/in/project
touch skeleton.scss

From Windows:

cd path/to/sass/in/project
echo. 2>skeleton.scss

Inside of skeleton.scss we need to add our components:

@import "path/to/bower_components/normalize-scss/sass/normalize/import-now"; // import normalize-scss
@import "path/to/bower_components/skeleton-sass/skeleton/core/config"; // Skeleton Sass core loader

// import default theme variables
@import "path/to/bower_components/skeleton-sass/skeleton/themes/fresh/vars"; // theme variable overrides

// import default theme styles
@import "path/to/bower_components/skeleton-sass/skeleton/themes/fresh/include_components"; // theme base styles
@import "path/to/bower_components/skeleton-sass/skeleton/themes/fresh/grid"; // theme grid styles

Compile skeleton.scss and you now have Skeleton Sass 3 integrated into your project!

But wait! What about my themes?!

Skeleton Sass 3 makes it easy to keep your changes external to the core of Skeleton Sass with the new all-partial approach. We'll outline a sample case where we use a custom theme below:

└── src
    └── sass
        ├── skeleton.scss  # Skeleton folder to keep file structure clean
        └── themes
            ├── _config.scss   # Global overrides and applies to all themes
            ├── _loader.scss  # Contains all of the imports
            └── my_theme
                ├── _grid.scss # Theme grid, replaces shipped grids
                ├── _include_components.scss # Includes all of the components in the components folder
                ├── _vars.scss # Theme-scoped variables and overrides
                ├── components
                │   ├── _base.scss # Default html and body styles
                │   ├── _buttons.scss
                │   ├── _forms.scss
                │   ├── _links.scss
                │   ├── _lists.scss
                │   ├── _typography.scss
                │   └── _utils.scss # Utility classes
                └── mixins
                    ├── _private.scss # Contains all "private" mixins
                    └── _public.scss # Contains all public mixins

Now that we have our sample project outlined, let's see how we can get everything working! Open _config.scss and add the following:

Note: all relative paths in the examples below fit the file structure above. If you are using a different structure, amend the paths accordingly.

@import "../../../bower_components/skeleton-sass/skeleton/core/config";

// Global var overrides

Now open _loader.scss and add the following:

@import "config";

// import theme, overrides, and extras
@import "themes/MyTheme/vars";
@import "themes/MyTheme/include_components";
@import "themes/MyTheme/grid";

Finally, open skeleton.scss and add the following as the first line of the file:

@import "skeleton/loader";

How do I load third party Sass partials into theme?

Glad you asked! Skeleton Sass 3 makes this super easy as well! Depending where you need these mixins, function, and/or variables, you can load them at the appropriate place in your _loader.scss file!

For example, let's assume we want to use font-awesome inside of our skeleton.scss file, we could modify the _loader.scss file as follows:

@import "config";

// import theme, overrides, and extras
@import "themes/MyTheme/vars";
@import "themes/MyTheme/include_components";
@import "themes/MyTheme/grid";

// import extras
@import "../../../bower_components/font-awesome/scss/font-awesome";

Note: the position of the import changes which files have access to the loaded data. For example, if you need the data in themes/MyTheme/grid then you'd need to move the import above the line where you import themes/MyTheme/grid.

For more information on why we made this change, click here.

Upgrading From 2.x

Skeleton Sass 3 is decently compatible to the 2.x series, but requires some manual labor (i.e. copy and pasting multiple files to the 2.x series).

Upgrading From 1.x

Skeleton Sass 2 is not backwards compatible with Skeleton Sass 1.x due to a major change in the file structure. However, we have a wiki article that explains how to upgrade from Skeleton Sass 1 to Skeleton Sass 2.

Looking for older versions of Skeleton Sass?

New to Sass?

Check out our wiki for a more in-depth look at Skeleton Sass, information regarding installing ruby and Sass, and other valuable resources!


Skeleton Sass is a Sass port of Skeleton CSS. Skeleton Sass 3 decouples itself from your project so you can consume it without worrying if your package manager will clobber all of your hard work.


  1. Modular
  2. Decoupled core code
  3. Decoupled theme files for rapid theme development
  4. Extensible

File Overview

skeleton/ # Where all of the magic happens
├── core
│   ├── _config.scss # Default global configuration variables
│   ├── _dependencies.scss # Default global logic for Skeleton Sass
│   ├── _functions.scss # Default global functions for Skeleton Sass
│   └── _mixins.scss # Default global mixins for Skeleton Sass
└── themes # Where all of the themes live
    ├── fresh
    │   ├── _grid.scss
    │   ├── _include_components.scss # partial to import all of the components
    │   ├── _vars.scss # Project-scoped configuration options and variables
    │   ├── components
    │   │   ├── _base.scss
    │   │   ├── _buttons.scss
    │   │   ├── _forms.scss
    │   │   ├── _links.scss
    │   │   ├── _lists.scss
    │   │   ├── _misc.scss
    │   │   ├── _normalize.scss
    │   │   ├── _tables.scss
    │   │   ├── _typography.scss
    │   │   └── _utils.scss
    │   └── mixins # Stores all project-level functions and mixins
    │       └── _mixins.scss
    ├── original
    │   ├── _grid.scss
    │   ├── _include_components.scss # partial to import all of the components
    │   ├── _vars.scss # Project-scoped configuration options and variables
    │   ├── components
    │   │   ├── _base.scss
    │   │   ├── _buttons.scss
    │   │   ├── _forms.scss
    │   │   ├── _links.scss
    │   │   ├── _lists.scss
    │   │   ├── _typography.scss
    │   │   └── _utils.scss
    │   └── mixins # Stores all project-level functions and mixins
    │       ├── _private.scss
    │       └── _public.scss
    └── wing
        ├── _grid.scss
        ├── _include_components.scss # partial to import all of the components
        ├── _vars.scss # Project-scoped configuration options and variables
        └── components
            ├── _base.scss
            ├── _buttons.scss
            ├── _forms.scss
            ├── _links.scss
            ├── _lists.scss
            ├── _misc.scss
            ├── _typography.scss
            └── _utils.scss

Install Skeleton Sass with bower via command line:

bower install skeleton-sass --save-dev
bower install skeleton-sass-official --save-dev

You can also add Skeleton Sass as a dependency via NPM or Yarn!

npm install --save-dev skeleton-sass-official
yarn install skeleton-sass-official --dev

You can also install alpha, beta, release candidate, and previous versions by looking at the releases page and install with the following syntax:

bower install skeleton-sass#[tag]
bower install skeleton-sass#3.1.0

Learn how to set up Skeleton Sass for the first time here.


You can see Skeleton Sass in action here: Be sure to resize your browser window and see the responsive goodness in action!


Skeleton Sass is heavily documented. If you're looking for a detailed description (or just want more info) you can view all the wiki pages here.



This project is released under the MIT license. Who doesn't like free code?

Find a Bug?

Skeleton Sass is community driven. We will gladly review any issues that you find. If you wish to contribute you'll land a spot in the contributions section of this document!

I Found a Bug/How Can I Help?

Version 3 Update

After a year of working with build systems like gulp, make, gradle, and maven it became obvious that the structure of Skeleton Sass 2 didn't really promote easy updating. Most build systems have a clean task which deletes entire directories that contains artifacts, target directories, object files, etc. Skeleton Sass 2 strived to be a catch-all solution with the addition of clunky scripts to automate certain things. With the release of 2.5.3, we realized a change was needed.

Skeleton Sass 3 offers a far more portable solution in order to adapt to new ways of development using dependency management systems like bower and npm. We wanted to truly make updating Skeleton Sass have zero risk of losing all your hard work. Now contributors to your projects can simply install Skeleton Sass as a dependency and all of your changes are 100% decoupled from the core.



  • Forgot to add the grid for Wing theme :)


  • Adding a new theme based on Wing which is heavily based on Skeleton.
  • Major update to demo section of the demo site.
    • Using current version of Skeleton Sass
    • Removed legacy demos
    • Added new demos
    • Better styling
    • Less clutter
  • Splitting base styles into several components to accelerate theme development and reduce file coupling.
    • _base.scss
    • _buttons.scss
    • etc...
  • Adding _include_components.scss partial in every theme for easy loading
  • Standardizing naming conventions
    • Renaming sphenoid theme to original
    • Renaming marrow folders to mixins
    • Renaming _skeleton.scss to _grid.scss
  • Moving to sassdoc; no more manual documentation!
  • Removing graident support in theme mixins


  • Addressing issue #24


  • Changing package.json name to skeleton-sass-official to avoid name collisions.
  • Updated links in README
  • Major wiki changes
  • Added skeleton-sass-official to bower
  • Fixing Issue #22


  • Updating normalize.scss dependency to latest in bower.json and any version >=5.0.4 in package.json
  • Updated sache tags


  • Adding package.json for npm support
  • Converting all core files to partials for better support for installing via bower and npm
  • Decoupled Skeleton Sass
    • All themes files that @import "vars"; no longer do so
    • Importing of theme components has to be done manually by consumers.
  • Added .editorconfig
  • Added package.json for installing via npm
  • Updated dependency to use normalize-scss
  • bin/
  • skeleton_template.scss
  • _MYConfig.scss
  • themes/demo
  • var partial imports in shipped theme files
  • Removed normalize import from fresh/vars, user can add the import in the loader partial
  • Introduction of $new-grid-width in the global config
    • Alters the width set in .container as defined in @media (min-width: 550px)
    • Allows users to change this bizarre default 80% value set in Skeleton CSS 2


  • Adding normalize.scss as a dependency
  • Merged master in development for version bump
  • Added scripts to check and automagically fix import paths


  • Comment cleanup
  • Rearranging of dependencies
  • Update to year in license and other copyright headers
  • Change Dir.exists? to Dir.exist? to squash ruby 2.3.x deprecation notice
  • Manual bump to normalize.css 4.2.0




  • Addition of a new default theme called fresh
    • Removal of old reset CSS in favor of normalize.css
      • Although, you can always use reset.css if you wish since it will still be part of the theme mixins!
    • Adjustment of media queries
      • Note: these media queries probably won't be perfect for every project. Let the content dictate the media queries!
    • Fluid grid is now the default with a fixed width set on the body element (you can change this behavior, of course)
      • Note: the fixed grid will still be there! Difference is that the fluid grid will be the new default with the new theme only. You can still use the old sphenoid theme for the pre 2.5 setup (e.g. fixed grid, old skeleton.css theme, reset.css, etc.).
    • New default font: Raleway
  • Improvements with scripts and better compatibility with Ruby 2.x and better backward compatibility with Ruby 1.8+
  • $colWidth variable in the @grid mixin
  • Removed some sloppy code in the @_offsets mixin
  • Plural column and columns for one-third, two-third, and full-width
New Features/Themes
  • one-half selector to grid
  • $new parameter to @_fluidGrid and @_fixedGrid. This makes some basic changes to the grid for the new Skeleton CSS format
  • Default fixed/fluid combo grid for fresh theme
    • Updated offsets for the new fixed/fluid grid combo
  • Added new offset-by-one-third, .offset-by-two-thirds, and .offset-by-one-half selectors for new grid


  • Removed $baseWidthMQ
  • Removed bourbon and compass to completely flatten the dependency tree so all you need now is Sass 3.3+
  • Huge changes to the structure of Skeleton Sass
  • No more camelCase variables (based on what we've seen the convention seems to prefer hyphens in variable names).
  • Squashed some old, lingering bugs with the gradient mixins
  • All of the logic has been moved to the skeleton/core folder
  • Completely removed layout.scss (media queries defined in the old layout file now live in skeleton_template.scss)
  • Fixed a few linger misspellings in a few selectors
  • Cleaned and optimized old mixins/functions
  • $base-width is now calculated automatically
New Features
  • Introduced global variables, mixins, and functions
  • Introduced a new concept to Skeleton Sass called themes. Themes allow you to edit the base styles to create a new launching platform for your projects. When you create a theme, it won't get overridden with an update to Skeleton Sass. Learn more about themes here.
  • Ruby scripts that help you setup Skeleton Sass for first time use, create themes, update Skleton Sass, and more
  • New functions and mixins:
    • _calcRU is a function meant to be used in other functions. This function calculates the relative unit based on the $base-font-size and the $size passed into the function. These functions depend on _calcRU
      • em
      • rem
      • percent
      • relative
    • em converts an absolute px unit to an em unit
    • rem converts an absolute px unit to a rem unit
    • percent converts an absolute px unit to a % unit
    • relative converts an absolute px unit to the chosen relative unit as defined in _config.scss or your own project configuration.
      • Note: if more than one relative unit is select then this function will simply spit out the px unit. // documentation is needed
    • @font-size is a mixin that handles everything involving font-size. // TODO complete this
  • Added a grid generator helper in