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-A SASS and Compass + SASS translation of Dave Gamache's Skeleton responsive CSS frontend framework
+A SASS and Compass + SASS translation of Dave Gamache's [Skeleton CSS]( responsive frontend framework. This translation includes:
+* Skeleton SCSS Translation
+* Skeleton SCSS w/ Compass Translation
+* .sass and .scss styles are included
+For your convenience all global variables, functions, and mixins are separated into individual files.
+Included Files
+* **index.html** which includes a starter page showcasing the various features of the framework
+* **demo.html** which outlines the inherited styling that this framework offers. See this file for additional information on its uses.
+* **skeleton.scss** which contains the responsive styles for the framework. You should never edit this file directly unless you know exactly what you're changing! Note: this file DOES contain an editable function that changes the grid. See file for additional information.
+* **layout.scss** is a file where you can add custom styles and extend the framework.
+* base.scss contains all of the default typography styles, page styles, and much more.
+* **_mixins.scss** is a "private" sass file that is meant to be included but not rendered into its own css file. See this file for the uses.
+* **_functions.scss** is a "private file" that contains the function that generates the grid for the framework. Feel free to change the grid in skeleton.scss to suit your needs!
+* **_vars.scss** is a "private file" the contains all of the global variables that the framework uses. Feel free to change and add your own! See file for additional information.
+### License
+Like Skeleton, this is released under the [MIT license](

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