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Experimental glue to use openfl-tiled with HaxeFlixel
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Experimental glue to use openfl-tiled with HaxeFlixel

Reporting Issues

If you want to report issues please use the openfl-tiled issue report

Install openfl-tiled-flixel

haxelib install openfl-tiled-flixel

Please note that this package depends on openfl-tiled.

How to install the development version?

To install the current development version you just need to run this in your terminal:

haxelib git openfl-tiled-flixel dev


You just need to use FlxTiledMap instead of TiledMap:

var map = FlxTiledMap.fromAssets("assets/map.tmx");

this.add(map); // FlxTiledMap is a FlxGroup

Each layer is a FlxGroup of FlxSprites (each tile is a FlxSprite) which are not active (which means that the update method is not called). If you want to make a layer active to use it e.g. for collision detection read the snippet below:

// TODO: add flixel import statements here
import openfl.tiled.FlxTiledMap;
import openfl.tiled.FlxLayer;

class TiledTestState extends FlxState {
	private var map:FlxTiledMap;
	private var sprite:FlxSprite;
	// FlxLayer is a FlxGroup of tiles
	private var colliderLayer:FlxLayer;
	public override function create():Void {
		map = FlxTiledMap.fromAssets("assets/map/test.tmx");
		sprite = new FlxSprite(30, 30);
		sprite.makeGraphic(32, 32, FlxColor.RED);
		sprite.acceleration.y = 200;
		// get the layer named "collider"
		colliderLayer = map.getLayerByName("collider");
		// set the layer to active (update method will be called -> collision detection will be enabled)
	public override function destroy():Void {
	public override function update():Void {
		FlxG.collide(sprite, colliderLayer);


openfl-tiled-flixel is licenced under the terms of the MIT licence.