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# @tippy.js/react
<p align="center">
<img src="" alt="Logo" width="295">

React component for [Tippy.js]( 4.
<h1 align="center">Tippy.js for React</h1>

React component for [Tippy.js]( 4. Tippy.js
is a highly customizable tooltip and popover library powered by Popper.js. This
wrapper lets you use it declaratively in React.

## Installation

@@ -65,12 +71,47 @@ function App() {

`styled-components` v4 does this for you automatically, so it should be seamless
when using the `styled` constructor.

## Native props

See the [Tippy.js docs](

## React-specific props

> Note: these examples are using the new
> [React Hooks API]( It isn't
> required to use this library – the props will work as expected in class
> components too.
### `className?: string`

A React-alternative to the `theme` prop. The className gets added to the tooltip
element's class list as expected, without adding `-theme` as a suffix.

function App() {
return (
<Tippy content="Tooltip" className="hello world">
<button />

Rendered DOM:

<div class="tippy-popper">
<div class="tippy-tooltip dark-theme hello world">
<!-- inner elements -->

See [themes]( for more information.

### `isEnabled?: boolean`

Prop to control the `tippy.enable()` / `tippy.disable()` instance methods. Use
@@ -80,7 +121,7 @@ this when you want to temporarily disable a tippy from showing.
function App() {
const [isEnabled, setIsEnabled] = useState(true)
return (
<Tippy content="test" isEnabled={isEnabled}>
<Tippy content="Tooltip" isEnabled={isEnabled}>
<button />
@@ -97,27 +138,30 @@ UI events.
function App() {
const [isVisible, setIsVisible] = useState(true)
return (
<Tippy content="test" isVisible={isVisible}>
<Tippy content="Tooltip" isVisible={isVisible}>
<button />

> **Note 1**: You should also set the `hideOnClick` prop to `false` if you don't
> **Note**: You should also set the `hideOnClick` prop to `false` if you don't
> want the tippy to hide when the user clicks on the document somewhere.
### `onCreate?: (tip: Instance) => void`

Callback invoked when the Tippy instance has been created. Use this when you
need to store the Tippy instance on the component.

This should only be done for advanced (imperative) manipulation of the tippy
instance – in most cases using props should suffice.

function App() {
const tippyInstance = useRef()
return (
onCreate={instance => (tippyInstance.current = instance)}
<button />
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