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Collection of sample SDMs, each showing certain features
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This repository is the home of very small sample Atomist Software Delivery Machines.

Each TypeScript file in /lib showcases a certain feature of the SDM framework and the Atomist platform.

Software delivery machines enable you to control your delivery process in code. Think of it as an API for your software delivery. See the Atomist documentation for more information on the concept of a software delivery machine and how to create and develop an SDM.


Here is a list of all the samples in this repository:

Name Description Tags
lib/command/helloWorld.ts Demonstrates a "hello world" command handler command
lib/command/menu.ts Demonstrates using menus in chat command, parameters
lib/command/parameters.ts Demonstrates a command handler with parameters command, parameters
lib/command/preferences.ts Demonstrates a command handler that sets and deletes SDM preferences command, preferences
lib/command/promptFor.ts Demonstrates using promptFor to acquire parameters command, parameters
lib/command/protectedCommand.ts Demonstrates a command handler that is protected by a security check command, parameters
lib/command/secrets.ts Demonstrates a command handler with secrets command, parameters
lib/generate/generatorFromCommand.ts SDM to create a new Spring Boot project showing how to invoke a generator from a command generator, sdm
lib/generate/generatorFromJob.ts SDM to create a new Spring Boot project showing how to invoke a generator from a job generator, job, sdm
lib/generate/springBoot.ts SDM to create a new Spring Boot project showing promptFor from generators generator, sdm
lib/goal/addLicenseAutofix.ts Shows how to use the Autofix goal autofix, goal
lib/goal/firstGoal.ts Demonstrates how to create a first custom goal goal
lib/sdm/approvalVote.ts SDM to demonstrate custom goal approval voting sdm, vote
lib/sdm/cache.ts SDM that uses goal caching. cache, node, sdm
lib/sdm/container/0goal.ts SDM that uses containers to build projects. container, sdm
lib/sdm/container/1parallel.ts SDM that uses containers to build projects against multiple versions of Node. container, node, sdm
lib/sdm/container/2node-maven.ts SDM that uses containers to build projects against multiple versions of Node and Maven. container, maven, node, sdm
lib/sdm/container/3cache.ts SDM that uses containers to build Node.js project and their Docker images. container, docker, kaniko, node, sdm
lib/sdm/container/4callback.ts SDM that uses containers with callback to set Docker image name. callback, container, docker, kaniko, node, sdm
lib/sdm/container/5volumes.ts SDM that uses containers with volumes to provide Docker credentials. callback, container, docker, kaniko, node, sdm, volumes
lib/sdm/container/6mix.ts SDM that uses container and non-container goals. container, sdm
lib/sdm/dotnetCore.ts SDM to create and build .NET Core projects dotnet-core, generator, sdm
lib/sdm/jenkinsJob.ts SDM to demonstrate how to run and converge Jenkins jobs jenkins, maven, sdm
lib/sdm/maven.ts SDM to create and build Maven projects generator, maven, sdm
lib/transform/addLicense.ts Shows a code transform that adds a license ile into the repository transform

Refer to the following section on how to run any of those samples from your own machine.



Before you can run any of the samples from this repository you need to install the Atomist CLI. Please follow Developer Quick Start to set up your environment.

Starting a Sample

Once the Atomist CLI is installed, you run any of the examples by simply typing the following into your terminal:

$ atomist start --repository-url=

This command will start a selection menu from which you can select one of the available samples to start.

Alternatively you can also start a sample directly by running:

$ atomist start --repository-url= --index=<SAMPLE>

Running this command requires you replace the placeholder <SAMPLE> with a name of one of the sample SDM programs in the root of this repository. For example --index=lib/command/menu.ts.

If you feel like changing some of the samples, you can also clone or fork this repository and then run the samples with:

$ atomist start


Contributions to this project from community members are encouraged and appreciated. Please review the Contributing Guidelines for more information. Also see the Development section in this document.

Code of conduct

This project is governed by the Code of Conduct. You are expected to act in accordance with this code by participating. Please report any unacceptable behavior to


Please see for developer documentation.


Follow @atomist and the Atomist blog.


General support questions should be discussed in the #support channel in the Atomist community Slack workspace.

If you find a problem, please create an issue.


You will need to install Node.js to build and test this project.

Build and test

Install dependencies.

$ npm install

Use the build package script to compile, test, lint, and build the documentation.

$ npm run build


Releases are handled via the Atomist SDM. Just press the 'Approve' button in the Atomist dashboard or Slack.

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