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Extension Pack for an Atomist SDM to integrate with Jenkins
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atomist sdm goals npm version

An extension Pack for an Atomist SDM to integrate with Jenkins for converging Job definitions and triggering jobs/build/pipelines as part of an Atomist SDM goal set.

The following code sample shows the Jenkins goal being used in a simple SDM from our samples:

 * Main entry point into the SDM
export const configuration = configure(async () => {

    // The Jenkins goal needs access to the Jenkins master which
    // can be configured below
    const options: Pick<JenkinsRegistration, "server"> = {
        server: {
            url: process.env.JENKINS_URL || "",
            user: process.env.JENKINS_USER || "admin",
            password: process.env.JENKINS_PASSWORD || "123456",

    // Jenkins goal that runs a job named <repo_name>-build which will be
    // created or updated with a job definition returned by the mavenPipeline
    // function
    const build = jenkins("build", {
        job: async gi => `${}-build`,
        definition: async gi => mavenPipeline(gi),

    // Single push rule that runs the build goal when the push is material and the project
    // has a pom.xml file
    return {
        "ci/cd": {
            test: [
                    extensions: ["java", "properties", "yaml"],
                    files: ["pom.xml"],
            goals: [
}, { name: "jenkins" });

 * Load the job definition from a local XML template
async function mavenPipeline(gi: GoalInvocation): Promise<string> {
    const template = (await fs.readFile(path.join(__dirname, "maven.pipeline.xml"))).toString();
    const hb = hbx.compile(template);
    return hb({ gi });

Software delivery machines enable you to control your delivery process in code. Think of it as an API for your software delivery. See the Atomist documentation for more information on the concept of a software delivery machine and how to create and develop an SDM.

Getting started

See the Developer Quick Start to jump straight to creating an SDM.


Contributions to this project from community members are encouraged and appreciated. Please review the Contributing Guidelines for more information. Also see the Development section in this document.

Code of conduct

This project is governed by the Code of Conduct. You are expected to act in accordance with this code by participating. Please report any unacceptable behavior to


Please see for developer documentation.


Follow @atomist and The Composition blog related to SDM.


General support questions should be discussed in the #support channel in the Atomist community Slack workspace.

If you find a problem, please create an issue.


You will need to install Node.js to build and test this project.

Build and test

Install dependencies.

$ npm install

Use the build package script to compile, test, lint, and build the documentation.

$ npm run build


Releases are handled via the Atomist SDM. Just press the 'Approve' button in the Atomist dashboard or Slack.

Created by Atomist. Need Help? Join our Slack workspace.

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