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Setup Notifications for version AtomJump Appliance 0.8.0

This is a 1st draft, but it has been confirmed to work. Please replace with your own IP address of the server, or domain, below.

MedImage Install Steps

As aj_customer user:

sudo npm install pm2@latest -g
sudo npm install medimage -g
cd "$(npm prefix -global)/lib/node_modules/medimage/" 
sudo cp config-original/linORIGINALconfig.json config.json
sudo cp addons/configORIGINAL.json addons/config.json
sudo pm2 start npm --name "medimage-server" -- start ./; cd ~
sudo pm2 save
sudo pm2 startup

sudo ufw allow 5566/tcp

Add another port MedImage Host: TCP Port: 5566 Guest IP Port:5566


git clone app
cd app
git checkout browser-production

sudo npm install -g cordova
sudo cordova platform add browser
Usage statistics q: Y

sudo cordova run browser

sudo ufw allow 8000/tcp

Add another port Cordova Host: TCP Port: 8000 Guest IP Port:8000

sudo pm2 start 'sudo cordova run browser'
sudo pm2 save


cd ~

sudo git -C /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/plugins/notifications pull

sudo /jet/bin/php /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/plugins/notifications/install.php

sudo chmod 777 /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/plugins/notifications/outgoing

sudo cp /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/plugins/notifications/config/config.json /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/plugins/notifications/config/config-old.json 
sudo cp /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/plugins/notifications/config/configORIGINAL.json /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/plugins/notifications/config/config.json 
"serverPath": "\/jet\/www\/default\/vendor\/atomjump\/loop-server\/",
"streamingAppLink": "http:\/\/",
"androidNotifications": {
	"use": false,
	"apiKey": ""
"iosNotifications": {
	"use": false,
	"apiKeyFile": ""    
"atomjumpNotifications": {
	"use": true,
	"serverPool": {
		"Default": [

"countryServerResidingIn": {
	"Default": "New Zealand"	

Email will need to be set up to confirm you account

Worth getting the latest loop-server, for nicer link

sudo git  -C /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/pull

Edit your config. You will need an smtp account. e.g.

sudo nano /jet/www/default/vendor/atomjump/loop-server/config/config.json

Set "staging":

    "email" : {
      "adminEmail" : "",
      "webmasterEmail" : "",
      "noReplyEmail" : "",
      "sending" : {
        "use" : "smtp",
        "smtp" : "",
        "user" : "",
        "pass" : "yourpassword",
        "port" : "2525"