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About Atomos Plugin

Atomos plugin is a great starting plugin framework, allowing you to develop your plugins faster with a cleaner syntax.

About Atomos

Atomos is a WordPress framework built to bring clean syntax and structure to your WordPress development. Atomos was initally inspired by how easy and clean the Laravel framework was to use. Atomos takes some ideas from Laravel and adapts them to WordPress development. The framework has many tools to help you. You'll find the following, to name a few:

  • Admin page tools, the ability to easily create admin pages and add updatable fields.
  • Routing and valiation tools.
  • Service providers, a home for your actions, filters & enqueues.
  • SASS compilation tools.

Atomos comes in 3 parts.

  • Core Plugin (Contains all extendable functionality)
  • Plugin Template (Used to build your custom plugins)
  • Theme Template (Used to create your WordPress theme) Both the Plugin Template and Theme Templates come with starter configuration files, folder structures and SASS compiling tools to get you started with your development.


You can read the full documentation at


The Atomos framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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