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#!/usr/bin/env python
import rfc822
import StringIO
import subprocess
import sys
# Change the DB path in COMMAND as needed, and change your email address(es)
COMMAND="hashcash -cdb '%s' -r '%s' -f ~/.mutt/hashcash.db '%s'"
EMAILADDR=("", "")
tokens = []
token_status = []
# converting a list to a file-type object for parsing rfc822 headers
original =
emailmsg = StringIO.StringIO(''.join(original))
message = rfc822.Message(emailmsg)
# check for the presence of "X-Hashcash" and "Hashcash" headers
# and extract only matches from EMAILADDR
if message.has_key("X-Hashcash"):
for hc_list in message.getheaders("X-Hashcash"):
if hc_list.split(":")[3] in EMAILADDR:
if message.has_key("Hashcash"):
for hc_list in message.getheaders("Hashcash"):
if hc_list.split(":")[3] in EMAILADDR:
# check each token
if tokens:
token_status.append("[-- Begin Hashcash output --]")
for token in tokens:
bits = token.split(":")[1]
emailaddr = token.split(":")[3]
p = subprocess.Popen(COMMAND % (bits, emailaddr, token),
shell=True, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
out =
token_status.append("[-- End Hashcash output --]")
print >> sys.stdout, ''.join(message.headers)
for status in token_status:
print >> sys.stdout, ''.join(status)
if tokens:
print ''
print >> sys.stdout, ''.join(emailmsg.readlines())