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Added a sample CONFIG for ~/.muttrc. It's valid .muttrc syntaxt, and can
be copied and pasted directly into an existing ~/.muttrc.
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1 parent 0ebbacf commit 40a33e89fa9fc7db8ef2c8544d8be5ed6b45913c @atoponce committed Mar 30, 2011
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+# This file shows what changes are necessary to make to your ~/.muttrc.
+# Required lines MUST be in your ~/.muttrc for the scripts to work, or you
+# might experience undesired behavior.
+# Recommended lines are just that- recommended for a better Mutt experience
+# with Penny Red.
+set display_filter="/path/to/" # required
+set editor="/path/to/" # required
+set edit_headers="yes" # required
+unignore x-hashcash hashcash # required
+set askcc="yes" # recommended
+set askbcc="yes" # recommended
+color body brightyellow default "^\\[--.*Hashcash*" # recommended

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