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Self destructing encrypted notes
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d-note is a self destructing notes web application that you can run on your own server. A message is created using the web form, and when submitted, a link is returned that you then send to the recipient. When the recipient opens the link, the message is displayed and immediately destroyed on the server. Thus, the link can never be used again for displaying the same note.

See the installation instructions on how to install this on your server.

Read the documentation about further information regarding this project.

This project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3, unless otherwise stated. See the license for the complete license.


If you would like to test drive d-note, I have it running at Currently, it is hosted using a self-signed certificate. As such, the fingerprints of the certificate are:

MD5: 5A:E1:4E:B6:31:B8:3D:69:B1:D6:C0:A7:6B:46:FE:67
SHA1: 55:89:CD:C0:D4:85:CC:A5:DE:30:11:5D:9C:C9:12:1C:5C:9D:10:C5
SHA256: 12:91:BB:4C:E8:2F:1C:0C:D9:96:AF:4E:1D:8C:F7:B0:A8:07:70:C5:9C:89:B8:94:EE:E2:2A:D6:19:43:17:A4
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