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@atoponce atoponce released this Jul 29, 2021

Mouse Entropy

Mouse entropy collection is a new feature for "true random" numbers that can be mixed in with the browser CSPRNG during password generation. This uses a 400x400 pixel animated canvas drawn with the browser CSPRNG. As your mouse (or finger--it's mobile friendly) moves over the randogram the xy-coordinate at that interrupt is recorded and saved. All coordinate bits are whitened using John von Neumann debiasing, then saved in local storage. After collection, the user may opt to mix that entropy in during password generation. It's mixed in with the browser CSPRNG using the xor operation.

To make mouse entropy collection less boring, it has been gamified using Star Trek: The Next Generation pip rankings. Every rank promotion requires collecting twice as many bits as the previous rank. There are 14 total ranks. In order, they are: Cadet, Chief Petty Officer, Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Fleet Captain, Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral, and Fleet Admiral.

Updates and Changes

Random generator updates

  • Change base64 characters to uuencode standard
  • Base45 (QR code encoding)
  • Rename "Coin Flips" and "DNA Sequences" to "base2" and "base4" respectively
  • Remove Braille
  • Add Mac OS Roman
  • Update emoji font file to latest Mozilla twemoji

Other updates

  • Remove DiceKeys completely
  • Change theme switcher

Minor Fixes

  • JavaScript cleanup
  • Bug fixes
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