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October 24, 2023

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@atoponce atoponce released this 25 Oct 02:15
· 5 commits to master since this release

New Generators

  • Whitespace (Random)
    • 21 characters are printable non-zero width.
    • 11 characters are non-printable zero-width.
    • Easter egg.
  • Obscure (Alternate)

New Features

  • Noto Sans Mono replaces the operating system fonts for displaying passwords.
  • Whitespace password generator picked from 32 non-control spaces/blanks from Unicode.
  • Selecting the password with the mouse now matches the color of the requested security level (red, orange, yellow, and green).
  • Add Dibels (Pseudowords) to the "Every Word List" (Alternate) generator.
  • Add Obscure (Alternate) to the "Every Word List" (Alternate) generator.
  • "Every Word List" (Alternate) keyspace is now larger than 65,536 (16-bits) unique words.

Other Changes

  • Passwords are aligned vertically.
  • Comment cleanup.
  • Minor CSS adjustments.
  • Minor code refactor.
  • RNG now 32 bits.
  • Change base 4 DNA strings to 0-3 digits.
  • Fix typos.