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The Spiffy framework is inteded to be used with Doctrine 2.x and Zend Framework 1.x to provide further integration with the two libraries. Currently, the following features are supported:

  • An abstract Doctrine entity with extra features (toArray(), fromArray(), isValid(), etc).
  • Assisted form generation using Doctrine annotations.
  • Zend Validate annotations directly in entities.
  • Zend Filter annotations directly in entities.

Following is a rundown of each class and the features it provides.


This class is intended to be used as a parent for all your Doctrine 2 entities. By extending this class your entities have several new features:

  • Additional features are lazy loaded and only initialized if used. This keeps things fast when necessary.
  • Includes a toArray() and fromArray() method.
  • Can be used with Spiffy\Form to provide model based filters/validators for your forms.
  • Zend Validator annotations.
  • Zend Filter annotations.
  • Automatic validators include: Zend_Validate_StringLength for string fields and Zend_Validate_NotEmpty (required = true) for fields that are not nullable.
  • Automatic filters include: Zend_Filter_Int for bigint, smallint, and integer. Zend_Filter_Boolean for boolean. Zend_Filter_StringTrim for string.

For more information see docs/entity.md.

Spiffy\Form & Spiffy\Dojo\Form

This class provides additional form generation features by extending the Zend_Form base class. Spiffy\Dojo\Form extends Zend_Dojo_Form to provide additional Dojo integration. Features for both classes include:

  • Integration with Doctrine entities.
  • Integration with Spiffy\Doctrine\AbstractEntity to set validators and filters via annotations.
  • Optional automatic persistance of Doctrine entities when the form is valid.
  • Additional form element (Entity) for ToOne and ToMany relations.

For more information see docs/form.md.


  • Bug fixes, the never-ending TODO.