Wave JSON for comparing Profiles, Permission Sets, and Users
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Wave App for Comparing Salesforce User Permissions

Comparing user's permissions within the Salesforce platform has been a long standing request and non-trivial task for administrators. I wrote a blog post on Comparing Profiles and Permission Sets previously about this very topic, outlining some of the challenges with reporting on user's access.

Since then, it's come up on social media a couple of times, most recently with a twitter post.

![alt tag] (https://raw.github.com/atorman/permissionsWaveApp/master/img/TwitterPost.png)

While apps like the Perm-Comparator from John Brock are still the goto solution for comparing users, permission sets, and profiles, a thought occurred to me that you could also solve this BigData problem with the Salesforce Wave platform.

So I set out to use the tooling available via the Wave platform for creating a simple app that compares permission assignments and their containers. Just a proof of concept but it can be a good starting point for admins who have access to Wave already and want to compare user's permissions.

![alt tag] (https://raw.github.com/atorman/permissionsWaveApp/master/img/Dashboard.png)

The reason to create this kind of dashboard is to explore both permission set assignments (which include profiles) to users as well as the underlying permission set (which includes profiles) containers.

This is done by auto-generating datasets using the dataset builder which is point-and-click.

![alt tag] (https://raw.github.com/atorman/permissionsWaveApp/master/img/DatasetBuilder.png)

The Wave platform is a pretty incredible tool for exploring complex datasets and cuts through the complexity of users, permission sets, and profiles like a hot knife through butter.


This JSON will only work with the Spring '16 release.

  1. Download a ZIP of the repository.
  2. Uncompress the files.
  3. Upload and run the ProfilesPermissionSetsUsersDataflow.json
  4. Copy-paste the JSON from ProfilesPermissionSetsUsersDashboard.json into a new dashboard
  5. Modify any ids such as report and dataset Ids


Contributors include:

  • Adam Torman created and orchestrated the majority of the repository

This repo is As-Is. All pull requests are welcome.