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Ansible role to install the minio S3 compatible object storage server (
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Ansible Role: Minio

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Install and configure the Minio S3 compatible object storage server on RHEL/CentOS and Debian/Ubuntu.



Role Variables

Available variables are listed below, along with default values (see defaults/main.yml):

minio_server_bin: /usr/local/bin/minio
minio_client_bin: /usr/local/bin/mc

Installation path of the Minio server and client binaries.

minio_user: minio
minio_group: minio

Name and group of the user running the minio server. NB: This role automatically creates the minio user and/or group if these does not exist in the system.

minio_server_envfile: /etc/default/minio

Path to the file containing the minio server configuration ENV variables.

minio_server_addr: ":9091"

The Minio server listen address.

  - /var/lib/minio

Directories of the folder containing the minio server data

minio_server_make_datadirs: true

Create directories from minio_server_datadirs

minio_server_cluster_nodes: [ ]

Set a list of nodes to create a distributed cluster.

In this mode, ansible will create your server datadirs, but use this list for the server startup. Note you will need a number of disks to satisfy Minio's distributed storage requirements.


  - '/minio-data'
  - ...
  - 'https://server1/minio-data'
  - 'https://server2/minio-data'
  - 'https://server3/minio-data'
  - ...
minio_server_env_extra: ""

Additional environment variables to be set in Minio server environment

minio_server_opts: ""

Additional CLI options that must be appended to the minio server start command.

minio_access_key: ""
minio_secret_key: ""

Minio access and secret keys.

minio_install_server: true
minio_install_client: true

Switches to disable minio server and/or minio client installation.



Example Playbook

- name: "Install Minio"
  hosts: all
  become: yes
    - { role: atosatto.minio }
    minio_server_datadirs: [ "/minio-test" ]


See changelog.



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