Starter kit for automated testing of web pages with Selenium and C#
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SeleniumExample - Using Selenium with C#.NET

This solution demonstrates automated testing web pages with Selenium and C#.NET. It can also be used as a template for new Selenium test projects.

Three tests are included that run tests on the publically available demo website Altoro Mutual available at The tests test logging onto the website and transferring an amount between two accounts.

The tests can be executed on three browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. The driver can be selected using the appsetting DriverToUse in the app.config file. To run the tests on Internet Explorer 11, the registry must be updated first so that the driver can maintain a connection to the browser. Import the registry file configure_ie_11_for_selenium_iedriverserver.reg to achieve this.

To run the Selenium tests, download the solution and run the NUnit tests. All selenium dependencies are included in the solution. Run the NUnit tests using Resharper ( ), NUnit ( ) or ContinuousTests ( ).

The tests are structured according to the Page Object Pattern.

Out of the box Selenium supports locating elements using the element id or an xpath selector. The extension method FindElementByJQuery has been added to SeleniumExample with which elements can be located using a more versatile JQuery selector. Example:


Alexander van Trijffel