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                                  Welcome to Collaboa
  1. About
  2. Requirements
  3. Installation & Upgrading
  4. Running tests
  5. Authors
  6. Acknowledgments

1. About
The goal of Collaboa is to be a collaborative tool for developers using Subversion. 

Currently, only the following features are available:
* Repository browsing
* Changeset viewer
* Issue tracking
* Milestone management

Thanks to Rails, the underlying framework, it runs on a number of web servers 
supporting both FastCGI and plain CGI. Because of the speed improvements over plain 
CGI, FastCGI is the preferred environment to run it in. The developer is known to 
have a personal taste for "Lighttpd": as a web server, but that 
shouldn't stop you from using anything else, like Apache.

### A little background...

Colloboa has been heavily influenced by "Trac":, 
which showed the world how nicely version and bug tracking could be integrated. 
Hopefully Colloboa still has a place in the world because of its different feature 
set (although it may not be quite there yet).

You can find more info on along with official releases.
If you want to report a bug or submit a patch (both greatly appreciated) you can
visit the "Collaboa for Collaboa" at

2. Requirements

Subversion 1.2.x with the Ruby SWIG bindings installed (see INSTALL)
Rails 1.1.6+

3. Install

Please see INSTALL & UPGRADE    

4. Running tests
The unit and functional tests expect the svn dump located in
./lib/actionsubversion/test/fixtures/data_for_tests.svn to be loaded in the repository located
at tmp/test_repos. You can load it with rake repository:test:prepare or just let it happen when you run rake test.

5. Authors

Collaboa is maintained and developed by Johan Sørensen. You can find out more about him
at or read his blog at You can also send
an email to johan at

Contributions has been made by the following people:
* Jean-Philippe Bougi
* Jason Garber

6. Acknowledgments
Collaboa contains a few shamefully lifted codesnippets from the Bugtrack application made by 
Kent Sibilev. Specifically things related to creating TicketChange logs. You can find out more 
about Kent's excellent bugtracker at

Tom Clarke for his contributions to Collaboa. Due to him having slightly different goals, he 
decided to fork Collaboa project into Titra (


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