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If you get an unknow error check if you have an error_log ?

If you use error_log, you will meet "Error UNKNOWN in" error from atoum. To avoid this, just use a :ref:`mock of the native function <mock-native-function>` error_log

namespace Foo
        class TestErrorLog
            public function runErrorLog()
                return true;

namespace Foo\test\unit
        class TestErrorLog extends \atoum
            public function testRunErrorLog()
                        $this->function->error_log = true;

Is atoum always named atoum ?

No, at start, atoum was named ogo. When you write PHP on an azerty keyboard, then you switch on key to the left, you write ogo.

What's the atoum license ?

atoum is released under the BSD-3-Clause License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.

What's the roadmap ?

The easier way to find it, is to check the milestone tags on github.