@Hywan Hywan released this Jan 8, 2016 · 310 commits to master since this release

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  • #539 Add a newMockInstance helper method on test class (@Grummfy)
  • #548 The dateTime asserter now supports \dateTimeImmutable (@jubianchi)
  • #540 Assert on child arrays using the phpArray asserter (@jubianchi)
  • #541 New toArray (along with toArray method on phpString and object asserters) and iterator asserters (@jubianchi)
  • #535 New resource asserter group (with isOfType or is* wildcard like isStream) (@Hywan)
  • #529 Allow extensions to define configuration (@jubianchi)
  • #496 Mock generator supports variadic arguments passed by reference (@jubianchi)
  • #496 Auto generate and inject mocks in test methods (@jubianchi)


  • #350 PHAR can be built on Windows (@kao98)
  • #530 Extracted mocked method signature generation to make it work with visibility extension (@jubianchi)
  • #537 exception asserter handles PHP 7 throwables (@jubianchi)