@mikaelrandy mikaelrandy released this Mar 15, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

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  • #771 Normalize and simplify the asserter name when a test case fails (@Hywan)
  • #754 Add the dot report (@jubianchi)
  • #769 CLI: Align options to the left, and increase contrast (@Hywan)
  • #757 Take the error reporting level into account to exit the runner (@Hywan)
  • #752 Add an os annotation to only run tests on specific OS (@jubianchi)
  • #585 Memory usage is based on the peak & real allocations (@Hywan)
  • #740 String asserter now has notMatches assertion (@fvilpoix)


  • #756 Configuration, autoloader and bootstrap files are correctly loaded when using the PHAR (@jubianchi)
  • #755 String asserter's failure messages are clear (@jubianchi)
  • #773 Directory is the current working directory (@Hywan)
  • #770 Fix path to the runner for the help (@Hywan)
  • #768 Fix typos in the CLI help (@Hywan)
  • #767 Fix typos in the exception messages (@Hywan)