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Greg Reda gjreda

data scientist

@sproutsocial Chicago, IL

Timothy Spann tspannhw

Java developer, scala developer, big data developer

Hortonworks Princeton

Krishna codekk

computational neuroscience

embryonic mumbai

Tim Nieradzik tindzk

Deep Learning and NLP Enthusiast

Andrew Tolochka anrw

Full-Stack developer

Qubber Always travelling

xsongx xsongx

nudt changsha,hunan

Nikolai Yakovenko moscow25

Applied Deep Learning team at Twitter Cortex. Focused on text and graph embeddings these days. Past: poker (live, and poker AI for academic research), ex-Google

Brooklyn, NY

Om Prakash iamprakashom

Eat --> Sleep --> Code. I believe in Try, Fail, Repeat until the middle disappears.

@artivatic India

Curiositry curiositry

OSS enthusiast/evangelist. I build “web stuff”, read big books, hotfix my own software, and poke at a typewriter in attempt to prove Infinite Monkey Theorem ⌨ Canada

Eddie Rice EddieRice3

22 years old. Junior @ University of Maryland-UC. Studying front-end web development. Aiming to land my first web development job!

Dunkirk, MD

jc 0x7b1

A person who loves Rust, Go and JavaScript. Interested in software architecture, generative music and physics simulation.


Guru Medasani gdtm86

Solutions Architect @Cloudera

Cloudera Chicago,IL

Alex Meshkin alexmeshkin

Flow Health San Francisco

Lara Littlefield laralfield

Developing since 1999. @barnardcollege. Now VR, @simmerwp, hacking.

@simmerwp Simmer Boston, MA

shilch shilch

Student from Germany.

School Germany

Akiko Iwamizu akikoiwamizu

TiVo Inc. San Francisco, CA

Sarah sajafleming

Python Developer

San Francisco, California

Sean Lander slander36

Phinlander LLC Columbia, MO